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1st Flyff World Championship (FWC) for Flyff Universe

May 16, 2023

Dear Players,


Today, we are pleased to announce that we're going to host the 1st Flyff World Championship (FWC) tournaments for Flyff Universe!

Join the special FWC servers to have a chance to obtain unique items, real-life prizes and the grand prize of a free trip to Korea and attending the G-Star convention in Busan!

[Event Overview]

After the maintenance on May 18, 2023, a special FWC only server will open. (Please note that the server time for this server will be UTC+0, so please be caustious when playing for server time specific content)

This server will have multiple server specific events, special perks and gears, and later this year a special tournament that will decide the winners for the competition. (More details will be availble later on before we activate the competitions)"

For more details on the specific events on the FWC servers, please refer to the Events announcement post:


[FWC Server Perks]

In the FWC servers, you will have the following effects constantly on:

x2 EXP

x2 Drop Rate

x2 Upgrade Chance

Also there will be special items in the Item Shop specifically for FWC servers, such as special buff items.

There will also be server-exclusive items and a special Title system you can obtain from the events on the server.


[FWC Competition Overview]

After an initial character-raising period, there will be a PvE contest and PvP competition.

For the PvE contest, you will have to clear a special content in the shortest time possible.

For the PvP competition, there will be a special Guild Siege-type PvP content that will be opening up later this year for the FWC servers only.

A maximum of 4 people will be joined on either group and you will have to win against the other group.


More details on both of these contents will be announced at a future date!

Also when the FWC event comes to an end, you will be able to transfer your character that has been raised, with a little bit of limitation, so your progress will not be lost.

Please note that if you participate in the events with invalid methods or abuse the system (include but not limited to use of unauthorized 3rd party software, refund abuse, involvement in RMT, etc.) in the process, you're character might not get chosen as the winner regardless of the ranking and your character information might not get transffered after the event ends.

We hope you look forward to the exciting new FWC competition!

Posted on May 16, 2023

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