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FWC Event Details

May 16, 2023

Dear Players,


After the maintenance on May 18, 2023, a new FWC only server will open.

There will be multiple events that will be only available for this server so please take note of these events!


EVENT 1 FWC Level Reach Event

After the FWC server opens, until the FWC server closes, a special level reach event will be available on the server.

After you reach specific levels, you will be able to get a special reward, including an exclusive title you can display above your character name.

Please refer to the below for what rewards you can get:

EVENT 2 FWC Gear Exchange Event.

After the FWC server opens, until the FWC server closes, you will be able to exchange a specific gear(weapon, helmet, suit, glove, boots) for your class for an FWC version of that gear at the event NPC.

You will need the Lv120 Bloody Weapon series and Lv135 Azria gear (helmet, suit, glove, boots) series for the exchange and the gears you will need to exchange need to be upgraded to +10 in order to be exchanged. In return you will get the lv140 FWC Golden weapon series and lv140 FWC Golden gear (helmet, suit, glove, boots) that has even better stats! These items you get in exchange will already be at +10 so there's no need for further upgrade.

However other values, such as piercing, elemental upgrade, skill awakes, level reduction, etc. will all be lost because this is an gear exchange. So please keep this in mind before you trade in your weapons and gears!

Depending on the number of exchanges you complete, you will be able to collect rewards and if you exchange all 5 parts, you will get an exclusive decorative item for your character.

You can claim your rewards in the "FWC Gear Exchange" submenu from the Events menu. You can get the following rewards depending on the number of exchanges:

Please note that the FWC Black Wings item can be worn over another cloak, but only the wing will show when both are equipped.


EVENT 3 FWC Gear Collecting Event

After the FWC server opens, until the FWC server closes, you will be able to obtain a special exchange item in the instanced dungeons.

The exchange item are called "FWC Jewel Piece" and you get a set amount for each time you clear an instanced dungeon, the amount which increases as the dungeon difficulty gets higher, and a chance to get some extra jewels for each clear as well.

You can collect these to exchange for a special accessory for your character.

Please take a look below for the required amount and stat of the accessory items:

Please note that these stats are with +20 upgrade, and the set effects are not affected by the upgrades.

There will also be a very low chance to obtain these accessories as a whole in the Hard mode of the non-instanced dungeons.

Posted on May 16, 2023

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