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September Connect Event

September 14, 2023

Hello players,


A special event will be held that you could enjoy with your guild members!


Starts: September 14, 2023 after the maintenance.

Ends: October 12, 2023 23:59 (server time)


Please check below for details.

(Event contents may be added or modified according to internal circumstances)


[Event 1. Connect Hunting Event]

Hunt monsters in Flyff Universe and earn various rewards with W-Tokens!


During the event period, you can earn W-Tokens by hunting monsters.

Please note that W-Token is just an event item and has no relations to actual valued tokens. Also, only monsters -10 levels or above from your current character will count towards the hunting.


The W-Tokens can be exchanged for event rewards by the event NPCs in each town. Here are the details for exchange:


You can receive various items from the Connect Random Box based on certain probability. Here the item details of Event Random Box:

All event reward items are provided as Soul Linked and all unused G-Token, W-Token, Connect Random Box items will be deleted during 10/19 maintenance.


[Event 2. Connect Buff Event]

Use G-Tokens to 'Connect' your guild stronger!


During the event period, you can exchange W-Tokens to receive G-Token.


The G-Token can be used for donation to the guild you want.

Based on the amount of G-Token donations, you can earn a special guild buff. This special guild buff have each level and here are the details:

All above buffs are accumulated and if a guild member leaves the guild, the donated tokens will be removed and cannot be returned. All buff effects will be removed during 10/19 maintenance.


[Event 3. First Come, First Served with Connect]

Gather the strength of your guild and be the first to earn special rewards!


During the event period, every guild in each server can earn special rewards as first come and first served.


From the “Event 2. Connect Buff Event”, try to reach Level 10 guild buff and earn rewards from 1st to 3rd. Here are the details:

Please note that this event applies for each server.


[Event 4. The King of Connect Donation]

Be the donation King!


During the event period, donate G-Token as much as you can and you can earn a one of a kind reward.


For each server, a unique reward will be given to three players who have donated the most G-Token. Here are the details:

Please note that you may be disqualified from winning an event if you engage with activities that violate relevant policies or abusive behaviors.


Please enjoy these events with your guild members!


Thank you.

Posted on September 14, 2023

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