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Game Version 1.3.7 Patch Notes

April 11, 2024

Dear players, these are the patch notes for game version 1.3.7.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the inacurrate description of the "Supercharged" buff.
  • Fixed the way shadows and lights affect the Pixel Rabbit pickup pets.
  • Fixed an issue where the screen was shaking after killing an Aibatt.
  • Fixed an issue where the Battle Pass mission "Enter instance dungeon" only counted for the player initiating the instance.


General Changes

  • Added a setting to allow penya bets during duels, which are now refused by default.
  • Added a setting to disable the visual effect under water, especially in Coral Island.
  • Added confirmation dialogs to Lodestar and Lodelight revival.
  • Renamed "Direction Pad" on mobile to "Directional Pad".
  • Renamed "Additional Attendance Ticket" to "Additional Attendance Coupon" and "Additional Connection Ticket" to "Additional Connection Coupon".
  • Disabled Weather Buff events inside Guild Siege and Kalgas Assault.

Posted on April 11, 2024

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