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Game Version 1.3.6 Patch Notes

February 15, 2024


New Horizon Expansion

Flyff Universe Version 1.3.6


Here are the patch notes for version 1.3.6, introducing a big content update for two new features:


Personal Housing


With version 1.3.6, two types of housing systems will be implemented which share some similarities: Personal Housing and Guild Housing. Players can purchase a wide variety of decorations and props to place around their house and make it their own.


Personal Housing


You can talk to the NPC [Housing Specialist] Charlie in Flarine to set up the template you want and enter your house. The NPC will also sell some basic templates you can use as well as some furniture and NPCs that you can place in your house for Penya.



Once you enter your house, you will see some housing specific UI that you can utilize.


This is the basic functionality of the UI elements:

- The door icon is used to exit the housing area and teleport back to Madrigal.

- The box icon is used to view all the housing objects you own and can utilize to decorate your house.

- The hammer & gear icon is used to toggle the editing mode for the objects in your house. In this mode you can select the item to edit and drag the object to move, use the mouse wheel to rotate and press the mouse wheel button and move your mouse to enlarge/shrink the object.

- The trashcan icon removes all objects that you have placed in the house.

- The blueprint icon is used for setting presets for the objects you place in your house.





For personal housing, you will have the ability to choose from a wide variety of templates, which can be swapped at any time.



One of the available templates is Blank World, which is literally that. A blank world that you can decorate to your heart’s desire with the furniture, props, and NPCs you have purchased.


Note that all placements in your house will be reset every time you switch templates.


On every template, there is a secondary area which serves as the interior to your house. You can enter the interior area through a basic warp outside of the house itself.



Guest Book


There is also a guest book in front of your house where visitors can leave you messages, and you can leave a welcome message in return! Visitors can also “like” in the guest book, showing appreciation for the design of your housing zone.



Furniture and NPCs


Players are able to decorate their house with furniture, props, and NPCs however they please. Here are some key features of each type:


  • Furnitures and props

       - do not have stats.

       - may be time limited, meaning that the prop disappears some time after placement.

       - may be limited in quantity, meaning that you only have a certain amount available to place, and need to buy more “pieces” to place more.

       - may have a limit on count, meaning that you can only place up to X amount of this prop in the house.

       - can be scaled.

       - can be rotated.

  • NPCs

       - do have stats.

       - may be time limited, meaning that the NPC disappears some time after placement.

       - can only be placed once in a house.

       - can be rotated.


You can purchase furniture and NPCs from either the NPC or Cash Shop.


Visiting your friend’s house


Players can visit their friend’s houses. Visiting is disabled by default and only those who allow a friend to visit can visit their house. You can allow your friend to visit your house by right clicking on the friend’s name in your friend list and selecting the “Allow to visit your house” option.



Guild Housing


Unlike Personal Housing, guild houses do not have multiple templates to choose from. In fact, guild houses are more like guild ships! This system includes an open world aspect, a Penya aspect, and a PvPvE aspect.


(Example of a flying guild ship, owned by the guild WeLoveHomes)


That’s right, once your guild owns a “house”, it’ll be flying over Madrigal for everybody to see. Please note the following for guild houses:


  • There are a limited number of ships in each server. The availability of vacant ships will be staggered for the first 2 weeks.
  • All ships are displayed on the map, and indicate whether they are owned or not.
  • All ships have a manager NPC on them.
  • Anybody can fly up to a ship and speak to the manager NPC on it.
  • If the ship is owned, members of the guild that owns the ship can immediately teleport to it through the world map or the guild window.
  • Much like personal housing, the guild house can be entered via the manager NPC on the ship you own. You can decorate it with furniture and guild house specific NPCs that give guild-wide buffs.
           - The furniture you can place in the guild house is still owned by the individual who placed it, and it WILL NOT be returned automatically if you leave the guild so please retrieve it before you leave a guild.
  • If the ship is owned and the owning guild allows external visitors, anybody can enter the ship through the manager NPC on it.
  • If a ship is unowned, it will display “Vacant Ship” above it, and is available for bidding (explained in the “Bidding” section).
  • If a ship is owned, it will display the guild’s name and their logo, if there is one. It is not available for bidding, but will have an artifact placed every two weeks which allows other guilds to claim it (explained in the “Artifact Battle” section).




Unowned ships are available for bidding. By flying up to the vacant ship and speaking to the manager NPC, players may view other bids on this specific ship, and place their own on behalf of the guild if they are the guild master. In order to bid, the minimum bid will start at 100 Million (100,000,000) Penya, and the highest bidder will win. The bidding amount must be available in the guild bank, and it is taken out of there, not the player who places the bid. The bidding will end at noon (12:00PM) server time on Saturday and the winner for the vacant ship will have their guild ship. Once you win a guild ship, you will have possession of the ship for 2 weeks. After your 2 week grace period you will need to place an artifact for the next phase, the Artifact Battle.


Artifact Battle


Once you win the ship, after 2 weeks, you will need to place an Artifact and partake in the Artifact Battle to maintain rights for your ship. This is an important task for authorized members of the guild, as they need to choose an artifact position through the guild window. The placement time will be from noon (12:00PM) to 6:00PM server time Saturday. Placement of an artifact costs 100 Million (100,000,000) Penya, taken from the guild bank at the moment of spawning, not the player who selected the position. If an artifact does not spawn (that is, the guild did not set a position or did not have enough Penya in the bank) by 6:00PM Saturday during the week you need place an artifact, the owning guild loses ownership, and the ship becomes vacant and available for bidding over the next two weeks.


If you do not own a guild ship and if you want to participate in battle instead of bidding, you can do so by choosing to participate in the Artifact Battle in the guild menu. The fee to participate in the Artifact Battle will be 200 Million (200,000,000) Penya from your guild bank and the deadline to choose to participate in the Artifact Battle will be noon (12:00PM) on Saturday when there is an artifact battle happening.


Once an artifact spawns, which is always on the PK channel, the owning guild must defend it from other guilds for 1 hour, which will be 6:00PM to 7:00PM on Saturday, local server time. Members of other guilds will be able to see large circles on the world map indicating that an artifact is spawned within the circle’s region, but not an exact position. Once another guild finds your artifact, you must prevent them from destroying it by fighting them and defending the artifact! If you place an artifact you automatically participate in the artifact battle, so even if you don’t pay the participation fee you can attack other guilds’ artifact as well.



  • If the artifact is defended:

       - The owning guild maintains ownership of the ship.

       - The owning guild receives 50% of the total prize money divided by the number of guilds participating. The total prize money is 50% of the sum of the artifact placement fees and the participation fee.
              > So for example if 20 guilds place an artifact and 30 guilds participate in the battle the total prize money will be (2,000,000,000 + 6,000,000,000) × 50% = 4,000,000,000. If you defend this you get 50% of the prize money divided by the 50 guilds. (So 40 Million)


  • If the artifact is destroyed:

       - The defeating guild receives ownership of the ship.

       - The owning guild receives 25% of the total prize money divided by the number of guilds participating. The total prize money is 50% of the sum of the artifact placement fees and the participation fee.
              > So for example if 20 guilds place an artifact and 30 guilds participate in the battle the total prize money will be (2,000,000,000 + 6,000,000,000) × 50% = 4,000,000,000. If you destroy this you get 25% of the prize money divided by the 50 guilds. (So 20 Million)

       - There is no limit on how many artifacts you can destroy and you get the prize money each time but you only get the first ship you obtain.


Note that when the ownership of a ship is changed, all the props and NPCs are removed, and it is essentially a blank house.



Kalgas Assault


The new PvP mode is finally here in the form of Kalgas Assault. This is a new Realm vs. Realm (RvR) type of PvP mode where two teams compete against each other in a massive battle!


Kalgas Assault


This is an RvR battle which occurs every week at a specific time, with a maximum of 200 participants per instance (so it’ll be 100 vs 100 players). Players will fight a damage tug of war on Kalgas, with various mechanics present. Note that players will be distributed amongst different match instances if there are too many players registered.



Participation and Entry


To participate in Kalgas Assault, players must speak with the NPC Kalgas Assault Manager in Central Flarine. The registration window will indicate the time where registration begins, as well as the entry time. There is a short duration after registration ends to allow players to enter the world. Note that if you do not enter within the entry period, your position will be forfeited.


Upon entry, all players will gather in a waiting area until everyone has joined. Players will then be randomly assigned to either the White Team or the Black Team in preparation for the battle! A player’s team is indicated with an image title above the player’s head.


Once players are teleported to the team waiting area, a one minute preparation timer will begin ahead of the battle. There is a buff pang present in each team’s spawn area, and do note that class party skills such as Heal Rain apply to your entire team, however party skills themselves such as Linked Attack are not available.


Battle Procedure


Kalgas, the main boss, will appear 5 minutes after the battle starts inviting players to engage in a tug of war type of battle based on damage dealt. Each team starts out at 50% damage, and the value will update as the battle progresses.



Around Kalgas, there are 5 artifacts which can be attacked by players of either team. Once a team defeats an artifact, they will gain a buff specific to that artifact which increases the damage dealt towards Kalgas. Note that all artifacts start in a neutral state, indicated by the color of the aura surrounding them.



The level of the artifact buff provided for a team depends on the number of artifacts they have conquered:



While conquering artifacts to raise the overall damage of your team is important, an important aspect of this game mode is preventing other players from being able to reach their full damage potential! Teams may employ PK as a part of their strategy, stopping players of the opposing team from defeating artifacts or dealing continuous damage to Kalgas. As a player dies repeatedly, their respawn timer will increase with each death! (The respawn timer will max out on 60 seconds)



Note: You do not lose experience upon dying in the Kalgas Assault Arena.


To ignore the respawn timer, you can purchase Kalgas Silver Coin and Kalgas Gold Coin from the Item Shop with Penya and fCoin respectively. You can use 1 Kalgas Silver Coin per battle and there is no limit on how many Kalgas Gold Coins you can use, although the amount required will increase with each use in a match.


As a reward for the Kalgas Assault, you will be awarded with Kalgas Chip. You will get different amounts depending on how you’ve performed. Refer to the following table for details



Note: You will not get the ranking category reward if the instance you are in has 20 or less players.


You can exchange these at the [Chip Merchant] Waforu for various rewards, including a special costume set!



Other Changes


Bug Fix

- Fixed an issue causing the Riposte Reflex stat to deal no retaliatory damage or miss under certain rare circumstances.

Posted on February 15, 2024

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