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Game Version 1.3.11 Patch Notes

June 20, 2024

Dear players, these are the patch notes for game version 1.3.11.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where many aggresive Ardent Augu monsters respawned at the same place in Azria.
  • Fixed an issue where the Chat window was broken after a player linked at least 2 items to players using a different language.
  • Fixed an issue where text color was sometimes wrong when linking item or map position to the Chat window.
  • Fixed a visual issue in the Map window during Guild Artifact battle.
  • Fixed an issue where the client sometimes crashed when teleporting.
  • Fixed a memory leak related to pickup pets and skills visual effects which sometimes crashed the client after some time.
  • Fixed a visual issue where the skill Merkaba Hanzelrusha casted many times instead of once.
  • Fixed an issue where a few Story dungeons had cooldowns and dungeon coins requirements separate to other Instanced Dungeons.


General Changes

  • It is now possible to cancel the casting of Rending Entry, Blinkpool or Gravity Well by pressing the skill again. Previously the only way to cancel the casting was to wait 5 seconds.
  • Raised the requirement to use Couple Ring and Wedding Ring teleport items from Level 1 to Level 20.
  • Friendship (A/B) and Summon of Party Leader teleports items now require the target player to be at least Level 20.
  • Guest characters will now be required to link an account in order to equip a Collector or Harvesting Gloves.
  • Some continents now require a minimum player level: Level 20 for Garden of Rhisis and Darkon 3, Level 80 for Azria and Level 100 for Coral Island. Note that the level requirement does not apply to safe areas like Azria Village, Coral Village, The Wilds entrance, etc. Players not meeting level requirements will be automatically teleported to Flaris.
  • Reduced the requirement to teleport to Sunny Pang using Town Blinkwing or Blinkwing of Madrigal from Level 120 to Level 110.

Posted on June 20, 2024

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