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Game Version 1.3.1 Patch Notes

November 23, 2023

Dear players, these are the patch notes for game version 1.3.1.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Marksman Attack Earring where some upgrade levels granted Yo-Yo attack, which now grants +Attack.
  • Fixed the sell price for the Destroyed Leviathen weapon (was 247 Penya instead of 247,500).
  • Fixed the description for the Mossy Coral Shield.
  • Fixed an issue where players above level 140 could enter the Nightmare difficulty of the Storm Peak dungeon.
  • Fixed an issue where using the Chill of the Ghostly Emperor dungeon curse caused Cursed difficulty monsters to spawn in the wrong difficulties.
  • Fixed some Cursed dungeon quests giving wrong Weapon Piercing Card Pieces.
  • Fixed the description for Amethyst.
  • Fixed an error where Spro Low upgrades appeared to use the pity system.
  • Fixed an error where an interaction with the Master and Hero quests incorrectly caused players to be banned.
  • Fixed a visual error with the 3rd stat page that did not accurately reflect the state of a player's stats.
  • Fixed an error where players were unable to move their camera with the middle mouse button.
  • Fixed an issue with the mobile upgrade UI being unable to be resized.
  • Fixed an issue where players on the Master and Hero quests were unable to use teleports appropriate for their real level.
  • Fixed an error with Spro Lows displaying the incorrect probability.
  • Fixed an error that caused severe lag spikes when using the Herne unique weapon effect Waterbomb on a large number of enemies.
  • Fixed a visual error that shows Base Heal tooltips as much higher values than they really are.
  • Fixed an indexing error with the switch equip system when deleting saved sets.
  • Fixed an error where the Battle Pass sometimes counted logging in twice.
  • Fixed some tooltip colors on mobile making the text hard to read.
  • Fixed an issue with Attack Speed tooltip displays being rounded.
  • Fixed a rendering issue that prevented the floor from rendering properly.
  • Made Clockworks Servant Glass (M) and (F) genderless so they can be easily transmuted.
  • Fixed an issue where the search bars in Fitting Room and Wardrobe provided inaccurate results.
  • Fixed an issue where the Meteonyker and Red Meteonyker sometimes increased movement speed.
  • Fixed an issue where hiding Helmet caused a hole in the player's head with bald hair cut.
  • Fixed the issue where some Asmodan Weapon Skins were not showing upgrade and element effects.
  • Fixed an issue where Cursed Jewel Fragment and Ultima did not drop from monsters depending on Drop Filter settings.


General Changes

  • Increased the 1v1 Exp and Drop bonus of new levels. It was 35% before and is now ranging from 90% at 141 to 102% at 160.
  • Added a new Guild Siege map with a Coral Island theme.
  • Added a new account-bound food achievement for Coral Island Curry that requires eating 50,000 of the food for the Saucy title.
  • Added a confirmation window for players when dismantling an item that would return a soul-linked or account-linked item.
  • Added the ability to dismantle Ultimate jewelry back into Jewelry Dust and Cursed Jewelry Fragments, returning 90% of the original value of materials.
  • Removed the +20 and FWC jewelry dismantling trophies from future jewelry dismantling.
  • Raised the hard limit of PvP/PvE damage reduction from 15% to 20% to support the New Horizon armor sets.
  • Updated the Herne unique weapon Waterbomb effect to scale with all stats. This should allow the effect to be useful for all classes and builds.
  • Updated the 5th level of the Ultimate Upgrade Weapon event to reward tradeable Cursed Jewelry Fragments.
  • Optimized and improved Coral Island monster spawns for server performance and player experience.
  • Moved the Giant Neparuba spawn location to find it and complete the quest more easily.
  • Optimized lights and render engine performance.
  • Updated in-game translations.


Rainbow Race Changes

  • All flying items are now the same speed during Rainbow Race.
  • There is now a confirmation message before being teleported for the Rainbow Race. If declined, the player is disqualified.
  • There is now a countdown timer in the preparation period of the Rainbow Race.
  • Players cannot move during the preparation period of the Rainbow Race.
  • You can now see the currently active item effects under the Rainbow Race timer.
  • Added a new Mind Control item to the Rainbow Race which targets the player ahead of you in ranking, inverting their controls.
  • Added an overall race timer to the leaderboard window.
  • Added an announcement that it sent to all players 10 minutes before the Rainbow Race begins.
  • Fixed an issue where all Rainbow Race rewards had a time limit when opening the box.

Posted on November 23, 2023

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