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Game Version 1.2.9 Patch Notes

July 20, 2023

Dear players, these are the patch notes for game version 1.2.9.

Bug Fixes

  • The pet select option now properly allows you to select objects behind the pet, ignoring it completely.
  • Fast Walker now properly lasts for 25 seconds in PvE situations.
  • Fixed an issue where Pain Dealer would only hit once instead of twice if the Knight was a female character.
  • Fixed an issue where the Obsidian Knight armor set had incorrect Critical Chance numbers.

Gameplay Changes

  • The Blue Chips rewards from level 60 and 80 siege has been removed on the FWC server, and reduced by half on all other servers.
  • Players who are caught abusing the points system or engaging in disruptive behavior in Guild Siege will now be subject to punishment, including other characters associated with the abusing player.
  • Increased Stonehand base time to 10 minutes at max level.

Other Changes

  • The Iren cosmetic set is now available.
  • Added Blank Wings to Leann in Sain City to be able to use with wings in the Wardrobe.
  • Renamed the Darkon Pang II teleport to Village of Kan.
  • Changed the level requirement of the Azria village teleport to 90.
  • The North, West, East, and South motions now require you to be at least level 80.

Posted on July 20, 2023

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