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Game Version 1.2.7 Patch Notes

June 29, 2023

Dear players, these are the patch notes for game version 1.2.7.


New Features

Story Dungeons

Story Dungeons allow players to experience a dungeon and its mechanics, while making it easier to complete the story quests associated with a dungeon alone or in a smaller group. Masquerpets in Story Mode grant 90% reduced experience, while also having 90% reduced health and attack. They also do not drop items.

- Story mode dungeons may not have curses applied.

- Story mode dungeons do not have Pet Cages or chests.

- Story mode dungeons grant less experience than other dungeon difficulties (90% less).

- Common buffs are not removed when entering a Story mode dungeon.

- Final bosses in Story mode dungeons do not grant Soul Fragments.

- Story mode dungeons do not grant credit towards achievements, but do count towards the daily Clear Dungeon(s) battle pass mission.


Story Mode exists for the following dungeons:

- Leren Chasm (Levels 16+)

- Rhisis Catacombs (Levels 31+)

- Envy Depths (Levels 61+)

- Sanctuary (Levels 91+)

- Storm Peak (Levels 121+)


Dungeon Checkpoints

Dungeons now have checkpoints that appear after players have cleared certain objectives. These checkpoints can be used to teleport back to the entrance and vice versa. Each dungeon has 2 checkpoints, except for Storm Peak which has 4. 


Fitting Room

A new window has been added that players may access through the start menu → Helper → Fitting Room. This window allows players to preview items on their character, see item stats, and play around with animations.


Note that there may be some items on the list that will never be obtainable. As these items are found, they will be removed from the list.


Graphical Updates

The Anti-Aliasing option now has a purpose and applies FXAA (Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing). Enabling the Anti-Aliasing option will also enable Anisotropic Filtering on the game's textures, making them much less blurry when viewed at steep angles (noticeable in places like the Sain City ground).

Furthermore, the visuals of the rain have been slightly improved, both for regular rain and thunderstorms.


Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue where you could not use party skills inside the Tower Ticket.

- Rankashin now should correctly spawn in all difficulties of the Storm Peak dungeon.

- Fixed an issue that would cause monsters or dynamic objects to sometimes spawn underground.

- The Zombiger Cap cosmetics items no longer have clipping hair.

- Fixed a bug where applying the Ice Patches curse on some dungeons caused harder monsters than intended to spawn.

- Fixed an issue with daily quests that made it impossible to track more quests after they expire.

- Fixed an issue that caused life steal to not be affected by some damage multipliers such as PvE damage.

- Jester's Blast's explosion no longer forces players out of Dark Illusion.

- Scorpicon kill achievement spelling has been fixed.

- Fixed the texture of Violet Jack's Hammer skin.



- Reduced Sury's Tenacity animation length by 35%.

- Increased Belial Smashing's STR scaling by about 9%.

- Increased Blood Fist's STR scaling by about 12%.

- Increased Sonichand's STR scaling by about 7%.

- Increased Piercing Serpent's INT scaling by about 8%.

- Increased Asalraalaikum's final damage by 3%.

- Reduced Spirit Bomb's INT scaling in PvP to 4.6.

- Increased Spirit Bomb's base damage at max level to 115 ~ 116.

- Reduced Spirit Bomb's projectile speed by 5%.

- Increased Blade's Magic Defense per STA factor by 6%.

- Reduced Berserk's animation length by about 50%, resulting in faster casting.

- Reduced Flame Arrow & Ice Arrow's cooldowns from 5 seconds to 2.5 seconds.

- Reduced Bow Auto Attack animation length by 15%, resulting in a 15% increase in DPS.

- Increased Jester's Magic Defense per STA factor by 6%.

- Increased Vital Stab's final damage by 5%.

- Increased Hit of Penya's final damage by 5%.


Obsidian Set Changes

- Knight Set: Replaced Attack Speed bonus with Critical Chance +15%.

- Blade Set: Replaced Attack Speed bonus with Critical Chance +10% and Block Penetration +10%.

- Jester Set: Replaced Attack Speed bonus with Attack +5%.

- Ranger Set: Replaced Attack Speed bonus with Critical Damage +10% and Block Penetration +10%.

- Billposter Set: Replaced Attack Speed bonus with Attack +5%.


General Game Balance

- Secret Room reward boxes now contain 80 Blue chips each instead of 12.

- Blue chip rewards from 60 and 80 Guild Siege are now soul linked.

- Reborn dungeons now revive players at the entrance of the dungeon rather than a nearby town.

- Increased the spawn of certain monsters lacking in availability:

  > Antiquery

  > Watangka

  > Kern

  > Glaphan

  > Luia

  > Gongury

  > Yetti

  > Ghost of the Forgotten series of monsters

  > Medumet


Other Changes

- The Summon Friend window dropdown is now sorted alphabetically.

- Party and Guild search windows now have a search bar.

- The Guild Siege combat log window now includes timestamps.

- You can now hide your helmet through your inventory, similar to fashion.

- There is now an option in the Controls tab to disable selecting pets.

- There is now an option in the Game tab to disable the tutorial Pang.

- You can now enable Madrigal Time on the navigator window (minimap).

- The Asmodan Yo-yo now has a proper attacking effect.

- Slightly improved the UI of the convert soul link window to indicate the number of items correctly.

- The Violet Jack the Hammer masquerpet may now drop the Corrupted Jack's Hammer cosmetic axe.

- The Masquerpet Invasion poll winner is now available to drop at the Zombiger monsters. Enjoy!

- A new face has been added and is available at the cosmetic NPC.

- Changed some of the Fire effects around Madrigal to a new, better looking and more performant one.

- The Buff Pang has created a camp at the tip of the Garden of Rhisis, hosting a lodestar for players who lose their fight against nearby enemies. If a player dies in the Garden of Rhisis, they can use the lodestar to avoid a lengthy flight back from Sain City.

- Added FlyFF Fanatic title for the Total Play Time achievement.

- Changed the Male Assist running animation to match the Female one.

- Added new Battle Background Music for the Azria continent.

Posted on June 29, 2023

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