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Game Version 1.2.2 Patch Notes

April 13, 2023

Dear players, these are the patch notes for the game version 1.2.2.


- Added some final fixes for dungeon level scaling issues, causing unintended balance for some level ranges.
- Added generic drops back to non-nightmare dungeons (the ones removed on 03/16).
- Pyramid Guardian and Pyramid Keeper shield drop locations have been swapped (were previously incorrect).
- Iblis Axe skill damage changed from 0.8% to 5%.
- Fixed some in-game texts.
- Fixed PK chips belonging to an owner when a player dies from a monster.
- Fixed quest window experience reward not displaying correctly while on a Master Quest.
- Fixed some items using level requirement not using real level while being on a Master Quest.
- Fixed stat page stuck on page 2 when Battle Pass expires.
- Fixed claimed level range on battle pass while on a Master Quest.
- Fixed Pet cages being used by 2 players at the same time.
- Fixed MP/FP not being maxed when using a INT/STA pet if player has a Refresher Hold or Vital Drink X active.|
- Fixed Guild Siege UI Defender icon being on multiple selected players.
- Fixed some staff element effects.


Balance & Changes

- Changed all quest item max stacks to 9999.
- Added some new cosmetics that will be added to drop tables in the future.
- Removed experience loss when dying to a guard.
- Increased the spawns in Kebaras.
- Reborn expansion dungeons now remove player buffs upon entering the instance.
    ● With the addition of high-level buffs, players have been able to circumvent the difficulty of some dungeons, especially in the level 31-60 bracket. This change incentivizes players to work together to run the dungeons at the appropriate level, without nerfing the rewards that are currently distributed.
- A Shocking Conclusion, the final quest of the Rhisis Catacombs dungeon, no longer rewards a Piercing Card Box (C). Instead, the final quest of the Envy Depths dungeon, Davy Jones’ Locker, rewards a Piercing Card Box (C).
- Removed the knockback attack from the Enraged Gorilla.
- Envy Depths objective now requires 200 monster kills.
- Drop Distribution now allows rolling while dead. Note that if your inventory is full, the item will be mailed to you if you win the roll. Pressing lodestar will force you to pass on item.
- Increased the damage of monsters in Leren Chasm Medium-Nightmare and Rhisis Catacombs on all difficulties.
- Rhisis Catacombs totems and final boss are now Earth element.
- Guardiane Sanctuary monsters are now Fire element.
- Added accurate Elemental resistances information to the target UI for monsters. An icon will now appear when you target them, displaying their resistances and weaknesses.
- Added new repeatable quests that reward weapon piercing card select boxes for a certain number of final dungeon boss kills.
- Changed the drop rates for the guaranteed drop pool in dungeons:

    ● Extra Hard dungeons:
        - Raised C card drop rate
        - Lowered D card drop rate

    ● Nightmare Dungeons:
        - Raised B card drop rate
        - Raised C card drop rate
        - Removed D card drops
        - Raised Power Dice 12 drop rate
        - Raised Power Dice 10 drop rate

- Spawn for monsters in the Azria region has been reworked

Posted on April 13, 2023

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