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Game Version 1.2.12 Patch Notes

September 14, 2023

Dear players, these are the patch notes for game version 1.2.12.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a UI issue in the Fitting Room item list.
  • Removed Cherub Wings from the Fitting Room as they were not displaying.
  • Fixed the Extended Battle Pass item description missing some advantages offered by the pass.
  • Fixed wrong item description of Sentinel's Earring and Hawkeye's Earring.


General Changes

  • Dungeon rankings will now display clear time with milliseconds.
  • Added background color picker to the Fitting Room.
  • Increased the size of NPC quest icons.
  • Reduced the size of quest destination arrow on top of player's head.
  • Increased the stack of Power Dice Box to 999.
  • Removed PvP menus from [FWC Manager] Ava.

Posted on September 14, 2023

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