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Game Version 1.1.2 Patch Notes

September 22, 2022

Game Version 1.1.2 Patch Notes

Dear players, these are the patch notes for the game version 1.1.2.

- Added the Wardrobe System to the Makeup Artist in Flarine
    - You can purchase Scroll of Transmutation to the NPC
    - Use the scroll to add an item to your Wardrobe. This action cannot be reversed
    - Talk to the NPC to browse your Wardrobe and apply a skin to another item with the same kind and gender
    - Equipment can only be transmuted with class compatible items to avoid too much confusion
    - You can apply the same skin as many times as you wish once it is in your Wardrobe
    - Once an item has been transmuted, it is Account-Linked and you can transmute it again as much as you want
    - Revert Transmutation Scroll is available to remove the skin and the Account-Linked attribute from an item
- Added a window to ask how many Pet Candies the player wants to use to grow a pet
- Scroll of G-Logo Change now offers the option to remove the logo. The master can select a new logo later without scroll
- Message window now display the player's level and job to avoid scams
- Added a Pang to Darken City
- Added sky signs and ships to the Azria continent
- Messages related to Guild Duels are now announced on the whole channel so players can organize competitions
- Boss Fight server announcements have been changed to channel announcements
- Debuffs on a monster are removed when it loses interest
- Holycross does not affect skills inflicting DoTs based on the first damage (Moonbeam, Blood Fist, Poison Cloud, Flame Geyser, Poison Arrow)
- A guild in the Guild Siege must score at least 20 points in order to be counted in the participating guilds regarding Red Chips
- Changed the Red Chips rewards of the Guild Siege:
    - Winning Guild: 34 x number of participating guilds
    - Second Guild: 24 x number of participating guilds
    - Third Guild: 14 x number of participating guilds
    - Fourth Guild: 8 x number of participating guilds
    - Fifth Guild: 4 x number of participating guilds 

- Increased the speed of Yo-Yo auto attacks. This change was made to improve Jesters 1v1 capabilities as they lack any alternative ways to level, and were beaten by several other classes who also have AoE options
- Increased STR scaling of Jesters Attack with Yo-Yos by around 6%. This change was made in addition to the auto attack speed change, to improve Jesters 1v1 capabilities
- Lowered the Assist skill Moonbeam cooldown from 5 seconds to 3 seconds, allowing players to move onto another target more efficiently
- Increased the damage multiplier of the Assist skill Moonbeam from 0.35x to 0.36x, increasing general damage of the skill, as the skill is not effected by Holycross anymore
- Lowered the Time scaling with INT on the Assist skill Moonbeam by around 40%, since the skill can be cast more frequently with the cooldown change
- Increased the Blade skill Silent Strike Stun probability in PvP from 30% to 75%, as it is their only dedicated stun skill, which has a lengthy cooldown
- Increased AoE radius of the Knight skill Call of Fury from 3 to 4 to improve the ability to gather monsters that are bunched together
- Increased Magic Resistance debuff on the Elementor skill Electric Shock from -15% to -20%. This change was made mainly to assist with face tank AoE, as you need to be standing near all enemies for the skill to hit
- Increased the debuff timer on the Elementor skill Electric Shock to 10 seconds as we felt 5 seconds was too short considering the timer is fixed and doesn't scale with INT
- Added Attack -20% debuff to the Elementor skill Earthquake with a 60% probability in PvE and 25% probability in PvP. This change was to give Elementor more options as a support role and also assists their ability to face tank AoE with the right equipment 
- Increased the DoT tick frequency from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds on the Elementor skill Burning Field to assist with Elementor face tank AoE, as monsters will be standing still inside the AoE radius. (This skill is mainly useful for static enemies)
- Increased the base defense on Bloody and Bloody Obsidian Armour set pieces as the 135 damage sets were better tank sets in some scenarios due to their superior defense.
- Increased Bloody Armor set PvE Damage and PvE Damage Reduction by 5% (Total set now gives 15% of both stats) as we felt the set was a bit lackluster in comparison to some other sets. This should be the best current defensive option for PvE
- Increased Obsidian Bloody Armor set PvP Damage by 5% (Total set now gives 15%) as we felt the set was a bit lackluster in comparison to some other sets. This should be the best current defensive option for PvP 
- Skill Prevention now has different settings in PvE and PvP. At level 20 it recovers 100% HP when it is below 15% in PvE, and recovers 50% HP when it is below 10% in PvP. We were getting many reports that the skill was too powerful in PvP scenarios, now that we have Billposters / Ringmasters running around with very high HP in Siege
- Reduced Block rate gained via DEX on Ranger and Blade by around 10%. Blade has the highest Block Rate per DEX point out of all classes by a large margin, while Rangers main attack stat is also DEX, allowing them to gain a huge amount of Block and Damage simultaneously

Bug Fixes
- Fixed the PvE and PvP Damage bonus of the Bloody sets increasing the attack less than expected
- Fixed an issue with the guild rankings still counting players who left the guild
- Fixed Azria missing from the greyed out map
- Fixed several terrain issues in Azria

Other Changes
- Added more customization options to the Character Creation
- Improved the Guest Character creation window
- Cartoon textures of Azria and Volkane are available
- Reworked the Madrigal trees with more polygons
- Added the rare pet skin of the month to the Pet Transmute: Primgon Cage
- Guild Duels have been moved to Channel 2 

Posted on September 22, 2022

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