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Game Version 1.0.10 Patch Notes

August 2, 2022

Game Version 1.0.10 Patch Notes

- Passive skills are not cast automatically during Dark Illusion
- It is now possible to deselect a kind of Quest Item in the Guild Contribution window by double clicking on it
- Jump/Start/Stop is back on the main action button on the bottom right on mobile
- Moved the second Jump/Start/Stop button on mobile to the left side of the screen
- Players can fly back while jumping
- Renamed Life Steal to Lifesteal
- Renamed Gauntlet items to Gauntlets and Glove to Gloves
- Increased the spawn area of several Giants
- Added new items available for Penya to the Cash Shop. The price of these items differs between each server, and can be purchased a limited amount of times per character during the period specified on the item (This is not an event)

Bug Fixes
- Clockworks and Meteonyker Achievements are now counted for all players doing the quest
- Fixed the issue where a player can't drop quest items if another player in the party already has the quest items
- Fixed the original upgrade visual effects where +6 is same as +10
- Fixed a HP display bug with Prevention

Other Changes
- Party and Guild Quests can also be done on Channel 3 on Lawolf, Mia, Glaphan, Totemia, Mushpoie and Burudeng
- Changed the location of SEA servers to improve the connection with Philippines
- Changed the Guild Siege on Totemia EU Server to Sunday 7pm (Local Server Time)

Posted on August 2, 2022

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