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Game Version 1.0.8 Patch Notes

July 20, 2022

Game Version 1.0.8 Patch Notes

- Reduced Jester defense by 15%
- Reduced the effectiveness of defense in PvP by 40%
- Asalraalaikum and Hit of Penya skills are now affected by 30% of defense in PvP
- Changed the effect of Angel Yo-Yo from +15% Max HP/+15 STR to +5% Max HP/+5% Speed/+15 STR

- HP and MP value numbers are hidden in the Arena, Duel, Guild Duel and Guild Siege
- Rare/Very Rare Gauntlets now have the same drop rate as Rare/Very Rare Helmet and Boots
- Increased the drop rate of Rare/Very Rare Suits
- Shop Names now turn black after visiting them once
- Increased the maximum distance to Cheer a player
- Walk sound does not play anymore for players who are more than 35 meters away from the camera
- Increased the size of the Small Watangka
- Added a small delay to aggro monsters in order to let the support players a chance to escape

Bug Fixes
- Fixed the reboot that happened on the Genese FR server by 30th of June
- Fixed the issue where the Level 120 reach server notice could appear several times with a player deleveling
- Fixed a case where a guild could do the Guild Siege without Defender if the player disconnected at the right time
- Fixed the element defense of monsters in the Darkon 3 Desert not matching the displayed element
- Fixed the Drop Filter displaying Buff instead of Potion with translated languages

Other Changes
- Added Simplified Chinese interface language 

Posted on July 20, 2022

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