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Game Version 1.0.5 Patch Notes

June 21, 2022

Game Version 1.0.5 Patch Notes

- Monsters 16 levels above your own level will no longer grant experience or drops
    - This level gap is calculated through the level of the highest attacker
- Increased PvE damage reduction by level difference at larger level gaps
- The slowing effects of Windfield and Ice Arrow can no longer be stacked on a monster
    - Windfield will overwrite Ice Arrow, but Ice Arrow will not overwrite Windfield
- Adjusted the special attacks of Giant Dumb Bull, Syliaca, Risem and Carrierbomb
- Added the Fastest Player Reward Cloaks
- Increased Hoppre Exp to be more than Carrierbomb
- Increased Boo Exp to be closer to Greemong
- Increased the duration of Sprint and Velocity scrolls to 5 minutes
- Added a bit of DEX attack scaling to Blade skills that previously only had STR scaling
- Increased Moon Beam INT scaling
- Slightly increased the attack of Aimed Shot
- Slightly increased the attack scaling of Multi-Stab and Auto-Shot
- Reduced the Slow debuff of Ice Arrow by 5%
- Spirit Fortune casting range extended to the same as other Assist / RM buffs

Bug Fixes
- Improved the description of Scrolls of Reduction A and B
- All Premium Flying Items now have the speed of the Galaxy Guitar
- Removed the wrong speed description from Premium Flying Items
- Skill Damage bonus now working with Hit of Penya and Asalraalaikum (base damage)
- Fixed a bug where the monsters summoned by certain Giants were stuck in specific areas
- Fixed the error that sometimes showed when trying to link a Guest Character 
- Fixed some floating objects and grass in Madrigal
- Made more Quest Items impossible to destroy until the end of the quest

Other Changes
- Added a new Channel to the Mushpoie server

Posted on June 21, 2022

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