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Game Version 1.0.3 Patch Notes

June 8, 2022

Game Version 1.0.3 Patch Notes

- Updated all game translations
- Added a new party loot option Killer, giving the item to the party member who dealt the most damage to the monster
- Contribution Exp is now shared equally across party members who participated to the fight
- Holycross and other debuffs are now counted as party Contribution
- Adjusted the distribution of Party Exp bonus:
   * Non-advanced: 4% per Member + 13.5% per Active Member
   * Advanced: 5% per Member + 14.75% per Active Member
- Added more Party levels, requiring more Party Exp in the high levels
- Increased Perfect Block base time
- Increased Heart of Fury base time
- Increased DEX scaling of Triple Shot
- Increased Stun time of Triple Shot
- Increased STR scaling of Grand Rage
- Increased base damage of Bloody Strike
- Increased STR scaling of Earth divider
- Ice Arrow now has 100% Slow probability in PvE, with a slightly lower Speed debuff
- Adjusted several Giant special attack casting times, as some were way too fast
- Reduced the power of Reflect Damage in PvP
- Removed the knockback effect of Multi-Stab
- Increased the animation speed of Temping Hole while flying
- Increased the Penya cost of item enhancement for high upgrade and piercing levels
- Increased the respawn rate of Material Catchers. Others changes will follow regarding the Catchers
- Adjusted the drop rates of high level common gear
- Vagrants cannot attack Material Catchers anymore

Bug Fixes
- Fixed incorrect MP Bonus on Mental Necklace +20
- Fixed Support players sometimes not counted as Contribution in a party
- Fixed low level vagrants not getting Exp in a party
- Fixed some players not able to see their guild
- Fixed the cooldown to join a guild again bugged for some players
- Fixed wrong player position with some flying items
- Fixed Power Scroll adding pure damage to DoTs
- Fixed Shield Bash skill bonus which could be obtained on 2-Handed Weapons
- Fixed Material Catchers spawning in restricted areas
- Fixed the possibility to target several Material Catchers at a time if they were far enough
- Fixed Giants resetting if they kill someone not in the party with a special attack
- Fixed monsters not able to attack when facing invisible walls and terrain slopes
- Fixed objects where idle monsters could get stuck in Darkon 1
- Fixed a server issue related to the weekly Arena Ranking

Other Changes
- Duel Request will now cancel by default if you press Enter
- Adjusted the system triggering a captcha challenge
- Private Shops are now opened with left click, even with the right click option checked
- Hide Other Players option also hides the Vendor Shops to reduce lag
- Right click can now be used to view the equipment of a player while he has a Private Shop
- Scroll of SProtect Low can be used with the Safe Upgrade Window
- Added Ignore/Unignore shortcuts in the Chat Menu

Posted on June 8, 2022

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