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Game Version 1.0.2 Patch Notes

May 31, 2022

Game Version 1.0.2 Patch Notes

- The Damage over Time of the skill Blood Fist are now based on the initial damage rather than average attack
- Slightly increased the power of the skill Triple shot
- Quest item Unknown Mark cannot be deleted anymore before completing the quest
- Increased the number of Popcrank monsters
- Increased the capacity of Lawolf server channels

Bug Fixes
- Fixed the network stability issues on Lawolf server
- Fixed the skills Flame Ball, Swordwind and Lightning Ball never inflicting debuff
- Fixed the description of the Scroll of Forgive
- Fixed the Scroll of Blessing buff sometimes not removed
- Fixed the cooldown of the Scroll of Holy not working
- Fixed the Shade's Support sometimes not applied to Giants
- Blinkpool skill should be easier to use now
- Fixed the Alpha & Beta Test Cloaks not shiny on female characters
- Fixed a client freeze with the Chat Window
- Fixed a bug where Vendor Shops were sometimes unable to sell specific items
- Fixed some areas where the monsters were stuck

Other Changes
- Added Sign In with Apple
- Enabled Spanish and Japanese translations

Additional Note
In the first minutes following the update, the new Pickup Pets were not limited in time by mistake. We removed the items and refunded all players who purchased. Do not hesitate to contact the Customer Support in case of issue. We are sorry for the inconvenience. 

Posted on May 31, 2022

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