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Game Version 1.0.1 Patch Notes

May 27, 2022

Game Version 1.0.1 Patch Notes

- Updated all game translations
- Changed the DoTs of the skill Moon Beam
- Moon Beam skill cannot steal aggro from a monster walking
- Reduced the knock back effect of the skill Strongwind
- Skills Power Swing, Strongwind and Psychic Wall will now give the Shade's Support buff to Giants
- Monster with Shade's Support buff active cannot be knocked back
- Increased Bless & Skill Poster stack to 9,999
- Increased the power of the skill Multi-Stab
- Increased the DEX scaling power of the skill Auto Shot
- Decreased the power of the skill Junk Arrow
- Added information in tooltip when the time to use the item has expired 
- Improved the respawn time of Flaris monsters
- Improved the respawn time of some quest items
- Improved the respawn time of Bead of Sin in Kebaras prison
- Double clicking a player in the friend list will now focus the keyboard to the Message window
- Changed the aggro behavior of monsters
- Changed the number of items required to complete the Dekane Mine quest chain
- Removed the camera animation with Vendor Shops
- New Visual Effect for Popcrank Attacks

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a Level issue with the quest Mysterious Bounty Hunter
- Fixed the Mars Mine's door that could be opened only once per player
- Fixed a client freeze with some Visual Effects
- Fixed the system message about the Guild Siege stuck in loop
- Fixed issues leading to server crashes
- Fixed players not removed from the chat list of Vendor Shops
- Fixed the animation speed of wings
- Fixed Private Shops that cannot be opened or closed
- Fixed the visual bugs of items and stacks in Private Shops
- Fixed muted players still able to use the chat sometimes
- Fixed a visual issue of the Exp Gauge stuck to 0% when the player has a high level
- Fixed the chat appearing on the center of the screen on mobile
- Fixed various issues with Giants' Special Attacks
- Fixed monsters stuck when the target player dies while other party members in the area are flying
- Fixed the game window being selected on iPads
- Fixed players stuck into invisible walls
- Fixed some locations where monsters were stuck
- Fixed some flying trees and rocks
- Fixed wrong Server recommended in the Server Selection window

Other Changes
- Guest Characters are disconnected after 5 minutes of inactivity
- Guest Characters cannot use the chat before Level 16
- Added new GM tools in game
- Changed the chat filters
- Reduced the time needed to reboot game servers

Posted on May 27, 2022

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