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New Horizon Expansion (Flyff Universe Version 1.3.0)

November 7, 2023


New Horizon Expansion


Flyff Universe Version 1.3.0

Version 1.3.0 will be updated on 11/9 maintenance.

This notice will be updated as needed prior to the release.



Level Cap Increase & Coral Islands


With the expansion a new area to explore: Coral Islands. Coral Island is a new continent South of Saint Morning and East of Azria. This area contains monsters from levels from level 140 to 159 with giants violets going up to 164. This means the player’s level cap will also be increasing to a maximum of 160 as well! The new Coral Island is completely remade with new graphics and is about 2.3x larger than what the original Coral Island was. It will have new regions to explore with new quest lines and story to follow.

There’s even an underwater section that you will be able to explore!





Coral Island has similar monsters placed in them from the Original Coral Island such as Atrox, Dorian, Tigar, Creper and much more! All the monsters will be balanced towards the new level range to fit the Flyff Universe atmosphere.


New Environment and Quest lines


Coral Island has a new village with your NPC needs (Upgrade, Shop, Food, etc.) and a new Underwater Region to explore. Coral Island brings with it a slew of new fetch quests for each of the masquerpets that roam the jungles, beaches, and seas. All Coral Island office quests begin at Inventor Remi in the Coral Island village.


New Village: Coral Village


Underwater Environment




The Wilds


A new dungeon will be added with v1.3.0 New Horizons: The Wilds.



This familiar dungeon will have enhanced graphics and textures from its Original Version but a new challenge lies ahead.

You will be able enter The Wilds dungeon from levels 141 to 160 with your allies for a chance to earn all new weapons, armor, and crafting reagents! These will include items you will be needing to make your Ultimate Weapon (more on Ultimate Weapons in a later section).  You can enter the dungeon through a guarding NPC as usual, in the swampy area of Coral Island. The entry fee to The Wilds dungeon will be the same as Nightmare dungeons.


A look inside the dungeon




In the Wilds dungeon, you will be able to obtain the same can earn the same rewards you did in the level 121-140 Nightmare dungeon along with the following new additions:


- Sunstones: Base upgrade material for Ultimate equipment. You can also obtain these from Giant and Violet monsters by chance.


- Cursed Jewelry Fragments: Combined with Jewelry Dust to craft the new Ultimate jewelry sets. You can also obtain this via the Dismantle system.


- Ultima: Ultima may be rarely collected from Treasure Chests in The Wilds, and 10 of these can be delivered to the Mysterious Islander in return for 1 Ultimate Orb. Ultima is also obtainable from Giant monsters by chance.

- Level 150 1v1 Armor Sets: Beast King Khan will have a chance to drop Armor Set pieces targeted towards 1v1 characters.

- Level 150 1v1 Unique Weapons: Beast King Khan will have a chance to drop Unique Weapons targeted towards 1v1 characters.

- Level 150 AoE Unique Weapons: Beast King Khan will have a chance to drop Unique Weapons targeted towards AoE characters.


Cursed Dungeons


Cursed dungeons are the new difficulty added for characters level 141-160. Players can earn the same rewards they did in the level 121-140 Nightmare dungeons, along with the following new items:


- Sunstones: Base upgrade material for Ultimate equipment. You can also obtain these from Giant and Violet monsters by chance.

- Cursed Jewelry Fragments: Combined with Jewelry Dust to craft the new Ultimate jewelry sets. You can also obtain this via the Dismantle system.


Cursed dungeons cost the same entry fee as Nightmare dungeons. The following dungeons have all had a Cursed difficulty added:


- Leren Chasm

- Rhisis Catacombs

- Envy Depths

- Guardiane Sanctuary

- Storm Peak


New Equipment


This expansion also brings a few sets of new equipment, both in armor and weapons. The new equipment is obtainable either through monsters on the Coral Island continent, Giant Monsters, and The Wilds.




For new weapons, there are Common and Uncommon Weapons that are obtainable from all monsters from the Coral Island continent with item level between 143-145. There is also an Unique weapon at item level 150 that can be obtained from Giant monsters on the Coral Island. These weapons have 1v1 stats and come with a special skill called "Water Bomb," which have a chance to deal AoE water damage with each attack.

Also there are Lusaka, designed for tanking, and Lusaka Crystal, tailored for 1v1 combat that are obtainable from Beast King Khan.





For new Armor, there are Common and Uncommon Armor that are obtainable from all monsters from the Coral Island continent with item level between 140-150. There are also Very Rare Tank Armor sets with item level 150 that is obtainable from all monsters on Coral Island. These Armor sets are designed for tanking, with mostly defensive stats.

You can also obtain 1v1 Very Rare armor sets from Beast King Khan. Each set comes with a special bonus tailored to the specific class.



New Equipment Stats


With the new Coral Island equipment comes the addition of a few new stats that you’ll see on the gear. These stats offer a more niche & utility playstyle towards specific builds most of the time. Here’s an overview:


Last Stand Chance

- When at or below 25% HP you have this chance on each hit to gain a +10% Attack Power buff for 5 seconds.


Riposte Reflex Chance

- A chance (how much Riposte Reflex you have) to block a hit for 90% of its damage. If you are in melee range, you will automatically return a hit right after blocking.


Prankster’s Escape Chance

- A chance to gain 15% movement speed for 5 seconds on each hit.


Healing Grace Chance

- A chance to grant the user with 10% increased healing for 5 seconds upon using any skills, including healing.


Spiritual Charge Chance

- A chance to gain Skill Damage +10% for 5 seconds upon dealing any damage, including DoT.


Arcane Insight Chance

- A chance to instantly reset the cooldown of a random skill that is currently on cooldown upon dealing any damage using skills.


Aura Burst Chance

- A chance to deal AOE damage when you take damage


Fixed Stat Range


With the new weapons obtainable in Coral Island, weapons will now have a range of values that can be obtain by random. This value will have a min/max. value that can be obtained and will be different for all weapons when you obtain it.



Ultimate Equipment and Upgrade System


In order to create an ultimate equipment, you will have to have an non-ultimate gear that you can use as a base. New Horizon will introduce both Ultimate weapons and Ultimate jewelry. While they have some similarities, they also have some key differences in the creation process. Ultimate equipment - regardless of the type of equipment, can only be upgraded up to +5. Unlike regular equipment, all Ultimate equipment uses Sunstones and Scrolls of XProtect in the upgrading process.




Ultimate weapons all come with special visual effects that signify their uniqueness.



While upgrading Ultimate weapons, failures will reduce the upgrade level by one, and there is a chance for great failures and great successes. A great failure or success will reduce or increase the upgrade level by 2, respectively. Importantly, the pity system is not implemented for Ultimate weapon upgrading due to the reduction in upgrade level on failure, similar to Low SProtect scrolls.



In order to create an ultimate weapon you need to follow these steps:


- A weapon base that is eligible to be converted, noted in the item tooltip. The weapons being introduced in this expansion will be the only ones eligible for conversion: Lusaka’s, Lusaka’s Crystal, and Hernes’ weapons.

- The base weapon must be upgraded to +10.

- 3 Shining Oricalkums, obtainable from quests and Coral Island Giants.


- 3 Ultimate Orbs, obtainable from a repeatable quest to collect Ultima. Ultima drops from Coral Island Giants as well as treasure chests in the new dungeon, The Wilds. 10 of these can be delivered to the Mysterious Islander in return for 1 Ultimate Orb.

- A penya amount. Higher the upgrade LV, higher the amount of Penya you need.


- To protect your weapon being destroyed when the upgrade fails you need a Scroll of XProtect .


Once you have the required catalysts, you can create your first Ultimate weapon! Converting a weapon into ultimate will preserve all its properties besides the upgrade level, such as piercings, element upgrade, etc.


Once a weapon is converted to Ultimate, it gains an additional two random stats (both the stat and its amount) and you can to dismantle it to yield back the +9 regular version of the weapon, which then you can reconvert into an Ultimate Weapon with new random values. You can then repeat the creation process for a chance at a different two random stats and values.




Now let’s talk about Ultimate jewelry. Upgrading behaves differently from Ultimate weapons due to their differences in the creation process. Failures while upgrading this jewelry does not reduce the level. There are no great failures or successes, and there is pity. This upgrading works this way to ensure that players can get maximum value from their existing upgraded jewelry. Since the upgrade level does not reduce on failed attempts, the success rate for upgrading Ultimate jewelry is lower than the success rate for upgrading Ultimate weapons.


Their creation process is very different from Ultimate weapons. Here is what you’ll need:


- Jewelry Dust, obtainable by dismantling existing jewelry pieces such as a Vigor Ring, or an FWC jewelry piece, such as a Warbringer’s Ring. The amount of Jewelry Dust you gain from dismantling a jewelry piece depends on its upgrade level, with higher upgrade levels yielding more dust, and a +20 piece giving a significant amount more than previous levels. Additionally, FWC pieces grant 30% more dust. The minimum upgrade level required to dismantle a jewelry piece into dust is +8.

- Cursed Jewelry Fragments, obtainable from various monster drops, as well as dismantling jewelry pieces (which will give you both the dust and the fragments). The minimum upgrade level required to dismantle a jewelry piece into fragments is +16.


Once you have enough of these two items, you can exchange them for an Ultimate jewelry piece at the upgrade NPC. The pieces available at this NPC include versions that are pre-upgraded, ranging from +0 to +4. The higher upgraded pieces cost more Jewelry Dust. The amount of Cursed Jewelry Fragments you will need is constant no matter what upgrade level the output piece is, and only differs depending on the type of piece (Ring, Earring, or Necklace).




You can dismantle items into other items through this window accessible at the Jewel Manager NPC.



- Dismantling an item will destroy it permanently, and give you the resulting items instead, at a 100% success rate

- Only Ultimate Weapons, jewelry can be dismantled at the v1.3.0 New Horizon launch.

- For Ultimate Weapons, it will keep the original item’s element, piercings levels

- For Ultimate Weapons, it will revert the item back to +9 upgrade status of the non-ultimate version of the weapon. You can reconvert this back to Ultimate Weapon with the same upgrade materials.


New upgrade UI


The unnecessary complexity of all the different upgrading menus at the armor and weapon NPCs pushed us to create one comprehensive window, that players can use and understand better than the previous 5+ windows.



- The safe upgrading, safe accessory upgrading, safe element upgrading, and safe piercing windows are now all combined into one “Upgrading” window.

- The non-safe windows have been removed. You can now use items like power dice and element cards directly in your inventory if you wish to do un-safe upgrading.

- Different menus on different NPCs have been added which only point to the right tab of the same consolidated window, such as Upgrading, Piercing, and Element Upgrading


Rainbow Race


A very fun and exciting new game mode is coming to Flyff Universe with the New Horizon update, a new and improved Rainbow Race! This is a scheduled flying race where you can compete against other players on the Rainbow Track throughout Madrigal, pick up Rainbow Items and use them against others, and show off your flying moves!


The Rainbow Track, which starts in Flaris.


The race works on a point system. Flying through rings will grant you points, although some rings behave differently based on their appearance. Rings with just stars in them grant points as well as a Rainbow Item, which you can use on yourself or other players during the race, depending on the item. The following items will be available:


- Lightning Strike: Call a lightning strike upon the person ahead of you in points, slowing them down by 20% for 10 seconds.

- Guided Missile: Attack the current first place player, slowing them down by 25% for 10 seconds. This missile can be stacked up to 2 times.

- Net: Throw a net to the person right behind you in points, slowing them down by 20% for 10 seconds.

- Rainbow Barrier: Cast a barrier upon yourself that protects you from the next attack.

- Rainbow Flashbang: Flashbang the player behind you in points, covering their screen and slowing them down by 20% for 5 seconds.

- Rainbow Fuel: Increase your speed by 30% for 10 seconds.


You can use these items by clicking on the icon boxes on top or right click them to discard them if not needed.



Another type of ring is a boost ring, indicated by its smaller size and scrolling arrows. Flying through a boost ring will provide you with a 10 second long 30% speed boost. Note that during the rainbow race, all base flying speeds are slightly increased in general to make the race more exciting.



Once the race is over, you will be given a reward based on your final rank.



You also get a special title if you place 1st: Speed Demon.

Also, all players who got their Ranking Boxes will also receive a Participation Reward on top of their rewards.


Please note that the Rainbow Race will be proceeded on every Saturday:

- Server Mushpoie: Every Saturday 21:00 (server time)


- Other Servers: Every Saturday 18:00 (server time)


Optional Hero Quest


Once you complete all of the Optional Master quest, you can try the new New Optional Hero quest at  [Master Quests] Leila. This quest will ask you to level up from 120 to 125 and gather 100 Symbols of Shade.



All of the previous rules of changes applied to your character will be applied the same.



Here are the changes to your character for reminder:


- You have a 50% experience modifier

- You have a 50% drop rate penalty

- You can only efficiently share experience with other players on the same master quest

- You cannot enter dungeons

- You cannot enter level 60 or level 80 guild siege

- You can still use your skills and equipment from your original level


Becoming a Hero will give you a unique badge and a permanent free stat page (3 stat pages in total if a Battle Pass is active)


Equipment Switch


With the expansion, you can now set multiple presets of the equipment you would like to equip. You can access this menu by going to Menu→Switch Equipment.



You can create multiple presets and even set them as shortcuts in your hot bars. You will have a 3 seconds cool down between switching your equipment.


Equipments not defined in the preset (including Posters, Arrows) will not be changed and the piece of equipment you are already wearing in that slot will remain the same.


New Cosmetics


New skins have been released to the Green Chip vendor in Flarine for players to work towards collecting. Show off their dedication through new flair with these brand new, unique weapon skins for all classes!


Players may buy a variety of different color versions of the new Green Chip cosmetics for a high amount of Green Chips:



The special effects on these weapons are separate from all other effects, meaning that elements effects will be applied in addition to them. If you transmute a weapon into one of these skin weapons, the special effect will be visible.


New Mechanics


The New Horizon expansion introduces exciting monster mechanics to The Wilds dungeon. Brace yourself for a fresh wave of challenges as your team confronts the formidable domain of Beast King Khan!




The Twinstrike Den Mother wields the ability to inflict crippling debuffs on those she can connect with through her tether. Once a tether is established, a chain effect binds the enemy and player, persisting until the player severs the connection. To overcome this boss, players must make a tactical retreat to break the chain.



Summoning Strike


In The Wilds, certain adversaries possess the power to summon reinforcements when their strikes connect with a player. Stay vigilant for these Summoning Strikes, or be ready to confront an army.





Disease and dark energies flow throughout the shadowy corners of Madrigal, some of which propagate from person to person like a pandemic. Pestilence has been introduced in The Wilds dungeon, allowing debuffs to jump from one player to another unless they are far enough away when the debuff expires. Keep an eye out for the shocking Static debuff in the final Beast King Khan encounter.



Conditional Debuffs


In the Reborn expansion, monsters gained the capability to bestow a wide array of effects through their attacks. In the upcoming New Horizon expansion, these effects have been enhanced to enable the application of unique combinations based on the encounter's conditions. In the showdown against Beast King Khan, he attains the Supercharged buff once the Electric Totem Pole is vanquished. It's only during this Supercharged state that the boss can imbue Static upon all those struck by his attacks!



Graphics Engine


The expansion also comes with some improvements to our graphics engine. This can be turned on or off in the in-game options.


Lighting Improvement


A major component of modern graphical engines that Flyff Universe was missing is real-time point lighting. This expansion brings this feature to the game, breathing new life into the world, especially darker areas that could use more light!



Water Improvements


Several improvements related to water have been made due to the heavy focus on water regions in Coral Island. For example, a new water type has been added to better suit an ocean landscape, with foam and wave movement.


The underwater experience was also improved with various new weather effects, as well as slight distortion and discoloration while underwater (which can be turned off through the post-processing option).



Other Changes


- SNS Knight Stance has been fixed.

- Guild Level cap has increased to 51-100 and Kingpin, Captain, Supporter don’t have member limits anymore.

- The existing Scroll of Return Town has been renamed to “Old Scroll of Return Town” so players who got the item previously can keep using it as it was working. The new Scroll of Return Town now obtainable in game will correctly remove the buff after the first use.

- The Player Report system has been removed and replaced by a message redirecting to the Modmail on the Discord.


Thank you.

Posted on November 7, 2023

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