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Minor Fixes after 3/14 Maintenance

March 14, 2024

Dear players,


Here are the minor changes we have made after today's (March 14th) maintenance: 


Bug Fixes

- Fixed wrong rewards for second place in the Rainbow Race announcement notice.

- Fixed an issue where players could go through the walls during Kalgas Assault preparation time.

- Fixed an issue where Guild House NPC stats were not removed or added until relogin when joining and leaving a guild.

- Fixed an issue where players fell to the ground when teleporting to a Guild Ship.

- Fixed an issue where the Artifact Battle happened sooner than expected for a few guilds.

- Fixed an issue where housing objects and NPCs stayed longer than expected.


General Changes

- Coral Island Violet monsters will now drop the level 150 unique weapons.

- Changed the position of the button to exit houses on mobile.

- Improved the interface to edit housing objects on mobile.

- Added a Reset Equipment button to the Fitting Room.

- Added a Equip (L) button to the Fitting Room for Blade weapons.

- Added more specific error messages when an item cannot be picked up by the player.

Posted on March 14, 2024

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