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Lucky RPS Event

August 31, 2023

Dear players,


After the maintenance on August 31st 2023, test your luck with your Rock-Paper-Scissors skills!


Please look below for the event details:


Starts: August 31, 2023 after the maintenance

Ends: September 14, 2023 before the maintenance


During the event, you can find multiple Traveling Merchants which appear randomly in the overworld. Once you find and talk with the Traveling Merchant, you can have a chance to play RPS game. 

Please note that you can speak to a traveling merchant if you are level 20 or above. If someone is already interacting with a Traveling Merchant, other players can’t speak with the Traveling Merchant so be sure to find other Traveling Merchant as possible.


If you win the RPS game from the Travelling Merchant, you can proceed to receive a “Traveling Merchant’s Gift Box” which is a random gacha. Among the items from the Traveling Merchant, you can receive 1 prize per day and if you don’t like the prize, you can choose not to receive the prize and retry by finding another Traveling Merchant.

Here are the item list:

Regarding the “Smelting Scroll Box”, this reward will be displayed and provided differently depending on your level. Here are the details:

Please note that the Traveling Merchant’s Gift Box is a global random gacha which is shared to all players on the server, so try to obtain the limited amount of prizes. The Travelling Merchant disappears after speaking to, appears randomly again, and will not appear when the limited supply is exhausted.

Also, the item list that can be obtainable from the Traveling Merchant is reset daily at 00:00 for each server time.


If you are lucky, then this is the event for you!


Thank you.

Posted on August 31, 2023

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