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Lucky Roulette Event

December 27, 2022

Dear players,

Happy New Year!

After the maintenance on December 27, 2022, a lucky roulette event is coming to Flyff! You will even have a chance to win upto $750 Amazon Gift card!

Please look below for the event details:

Starts: December 27, 2022 after the maintenance.
Ends: January 12, 2023 23:59 (server time)

During the event, if your character is level 16 or more, you will get a chance to spin the roulette. 
Everyday you will be able to obtain 30 Lottery Coin for attendance and 10 Lottery Coin for 2 hours of login time. (The attendance point resets at 00:00 server time everyday)
To spin the roulette, it will require 10 Lottery Coin to roll once. You can claim the coins in the Events submenu in the Achievements menu.
You can do the roulette by using the Lottery Coin item in your inventory.

Also, you will have a separate roulette that will let you spin so that you can obtain 0 to 10 Lottery Coins randomly every 30 mins of non-disconnected login time as a special event menu.

This is what you can obtain from the main roulette:

For the fCoin prizes, it will be directly added to the winners' account if you get lucky.

For the $250 Gift Card prize, you will be given a special item that will be given to your inventory. Please leave it in your inventory until the event is over and our team will reach out to the email your account is registered to. From that email you will be able to respond back to what Amazon account you want the gift card to be sent. Please note that all prizes will be sent to match the US dollar amount of the prize being sent. If you don't have Amazon where you live, you can also choose to receive the prize in fCoin instead matching in the value.
Please check that you are able to receive emails from us, such as not using a temporary email service for your account email, and check your spam box as well when we announce that we have sent out the emails on our official Discord servers and social media platforms.

Also, if you don't obtain any Gold Lucky Box, the chance of getting the Gold Lucky box will increase each time you roll the roulette. This chance increase will reset after you have received a Gold Lucky Box and the chance increase doesn't affect the chance of winning the fCoin or Gift card prize.

If all the $250 Gift Card prizes are selected, the Gift Card prize will be replaced with a special "2023 New Year Costume", which will have a +10% Speed boost.

Good luck and a Happy New Year to everybody!

Posted on December 27, 2022

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