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Hot Fixes after March 16 maintenance

March 16, 2023

Dear Players,

Here are the changes for this version. 
Thank you all for the plentiful feedback and your patience while we go through it all.

- Fixed an issue where Poison Sting and Rooting monster skills were using incorrect values for Madrigal monsters (such as Doridoma, Fefern, etc.).
- Fixed an issue where Shark Knuckle was using an incorrect model.
- Fixed an issue with Elementor's new stand animation twisting cloaks.
- Fixed an issue where Elementor's auto-attack animations were incorrect.
- Fixed an issue where Storm Peak's dungeon cages were not functioning properly and not providing messages when there is no pet inside.
- Fixed Tombstone Bearer Head model for female characters.
- Fixed Kraken's Head model for female characters.
- Fixed an issue where the current stat page text was unreadable on the classic theme.
- Fixed an issue where skills would not apply their effects in PK (such as Moonbeam).
- Fixed an issue where Critical Damage would show incorrect values on tooltips.

- Added another group of drops to all new dungeon final bosses with a very high chance to drop appropriate cage keys, piercing cards (up to B, in Nightmare), and power dice. This should make most dungeon runs reward you with at least one of those items.
- Added Thorn cards to the early quest weapon piercing card select boxes.
- Lowered the position of Mushpoie Cap slightly.
- Added achievements for the new dungeons.
- Forsaken Tower daily quests objectives have been changed to kill objectives instead of quest item collection.
- Slightly Increased the frequency of your character's idle animations playing.
- Mermaid Beauty's special attack now uses a water VFX.
- Increased Forsaken Tower's loot time to 300 seconds, instead of 30.
- Improved the quality of the Master Badges.
- Added more clarity to the piercing removal texts to mention the destruction of the cards.
- Changed the level 60 and 80 guild siege times on Mushpoie (60 siege: Wednesday 6PM PST, 80 siege: Friday 6PM PST).

- Lowered Clockworks' inherent electricity, fire, and earth resistances to match its other elements.
- Completely removed all monster levels from the dungeons and they now scale to the attacker's level. This will eliminate damage, block, parry, experience and other penalties based on level difference. This may slightly affect the intended balance of dungeons, which will be closely monitored.
- All Nightmare (including Storm Peak) masquerpet (non-boss) health values were reduced by 30%.
- Dungeon difficulties now give experience proportional to their level. For example, Leren Chasm's Nightmare mode now gives experience closer to Storm Peak's (but Storm Peak is still higher), instead of the normal Leren Chasm experience values.
- Changed Enraged Gorilla's AoE attack to a single target.
- Reduced the Skeleton General Bolstered avenger buff from -90% incoming damage to -50% incoming damage.
- Increase the dexterity of Storm Peak mid-bosses and the final boss.
- Increased the Phantom General's health from 10 million to 15 million.
- Crystal Demon Lord can now summon up to 3 Phantom Generals.
- Slightly increased Phantom General's attack.
- Updated experience values on all Forsaken Tower monsters to values closer to Madrigal monster values.

We have also reset the cooldown and result of Secret Rooms for those who have challenged before the March 14 hotfix to ensure fairness with those who challenged after the hotfix on March 14.

Posted on March 16, 2023

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