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Hot Fix for v1.2.0 (March 14)

March 14, 2023

Dear Players,

The following is the list of Hot Fixes after the temporary maintenance on March 14, 2023:

-Fixed an issue where players would get automatically blocked when accepting a master quest while being de-leveled.
 > Compensation for players who have experienced this bug will be given out.
-Fixed an issue where lower-level master characters can be power leveled by higher-level players.
 >For those who may have abused the master quest experience sharing, we will be checking and removing quest completion status accordingly.
-Fixed an issue where daily quests would not show up in the quest window.
-Fixed an issue where non-elemental skills would wrongly be affected by elements.
-Fixed some issues with the loot distribution window popping up for those not meant to be included (not in the same party).
-Fixed an issue where the Temple Guardian boss in the Rhisis Catacombs had much higher elemental resistances than intended.
-Fixed an issue where block penetration would show incorrect values on tooltips.
-Fixed an issue where only members of the same party could attack monsters in the Secret Room.
-Fixed an issue where the master level is not updated in Messenger & Party window.
-Fixed the game client stuck on the loading screen with iOS 16.1+ devices.

-Changed the experience sharing level gap from 19 to 9 for master characters.
-Increased power dice drop rates significantly in dungeons, especially higher-level ones.
-Increased cage key drop rates slightly.
-Increased PK Chip drop rates.
-Added a global message for killing Asmodan.
-Reduced the price of the PK name color scrolls from 500 to 150.
-Reduced the probability of Mermaid Beauty's special attack.
-Reduced the probability and range of Cavern Larva's special attack.
-Reduced the probability of Regal Kumai's special attack.
-Reduced the probability of Enraged Yetti's special attack.
-Reduced the range of Skeletal Militant's special attack
-Reduced the probability of Sentient Tree Guardian's special attack.
-Increased the probability of Skeleton General summoning Skeletal Militants.
-Reduced the respawn timer of Giant Mushpang.
-Reduced the respawn timer of Giant Totemia.
-Reduced the respawn timer of Giant Dumbbull.

Posted on March 14, 2023

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