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2023 Halloween Event

October 26, 2023

Dear players,


After the maintenance on October 26th 2023, 2 Halloween events are coming to Flyff!


Please look below for the event details:


Starts: October 26, 2023 after the maintenance

Ends: November 9, 2023 before the maintenance


[Event 1 - Halloween World Boss]


During the event period, world event boss will spawn randomly in the overworld.


Here are the details regarding the spawn:


These boss monsters have huge Max HP and every player can participate in the boss raid regardless of level. These boss raids will occur on Channel 2 on each server.


Once a boss monster is defeated, a large amount of reward items will be dropped based on probability and everyone who participated in the boss raid can acquire the items without ownership.


Here are the details of the boss monster item list:


Please note that the more you hit and deal damage on the boss monster, in general, the chance to obtain items per category increases, so the more you contribute higher your personal drop rate becomes.

Also, chance to get personal drops are independent to each player unlike previous world boss events.


[Event 2 - Trick or Treat]


During the event period, you can obtain event items (Trick or Treat Token) by hunting monsters in the entire world. Please note that for hunting monsters, only monsters -10 levels or above from your current character will drop the event items, and these monsters should also be 20 levels or above.


As you gain 10x Trick or Treat Tokens, you can use it to play a lottery. A roulette tab will appear by double clicking a Token and the player should be level 20 or above to use the lottery.


If you get a Trick from the roulette, you will have a transformation effect that could transform into a pumpkin monster. You can return to normal the same you disable trans items if you choose to do so.


If you get a Treat from the roulette, you can obtain a Halloween Random Box and can receive various rewards based on probability.


Here are the details of the Halloween Random Box:


Please note that this roulette is only available up to 20 times a day and will be reset at 00:00 server time.


Happy Halloween!


Thank you.

Posted on October 26, 2023

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