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Giant Hunting Event

February 22, 2023


Dear players,
Starting on February 23, 2023 a new Giant hunting event will begin!
Starts: February 23, 2023 00:00
Ends: March 9, 2023 23:59
Upon hunting the Giants and Violets monsters in the overworld, you will obtain points for it.
You can check the current ranking on the special ranking menu.
1. Become the top ranked Flyffer!
Be ranked in the top 5 players and you will get a special cloak item!
Become number 1 and you will get a cloak item that is a bit more unique!
2. Ranking Reward
Based on the ranking percentage of how many players participate you will get different rewards.
Please take a look at the chart below for details:
* Please note that all items from this are Soul Linked to your character. Also, you will have to participate and obtain at least 1 point to qualify for the reward and the rewards are cumulative.
Let the hunting begin!

Posted on February 22, 2023

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