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[FWC] PvP Tournament Notice

August 17, 2023

Dear Players,


The FWC PvP Tournament (The Tournament) that you all have been waiting for will open after the maintenance on August 17th!

Please refer to the details below for more information:


PvP Tournament Dates

- Starting date: August 17th after maintenance

- Ending date: September 14th 23:59 (Server Time)


PvP Tournament will be held in 2 parts: Preliminary and Finals.


Basic Match Rules

- Players: Match is held in 4 vs 4 match.

- Match time: Preliminary 10 mins / Finals 30 mins

- Winning Conditions

If the opposing guild members are wiped out during the match, the remaining guild wins and the wiped out guild will lose.

If the match time ends and both guilds have survivors, the guild with more total lives remaining will win.

If both sides are wiped out at the same time or if the remaining lives are the same at the end of the match the match ends in a draw in the Preliminary rounds but in the Finals both parties are considered as losers and the guild that supposed to meet in the next round is won by default.


Basic Match Conditions

Character’s lives are 5 max each, and lives are not shared amongst the guild members.

If a character dies, they revive in the waiting area.

All buffs are removed upon entering the Arena instance.

You CANNOT re-enter the arena if you leave the arena during the match.

If a character leaves the arena during the match, all of their lives are considered to be lost and if all of the guild members leave the arena the match is considered to be lost.

If the guild members don’t enter the arena before the match starts or if all the members leave the arena, that guild is considered to be lost.

Combat is not allowed in the entry waiting area.

You will be forced to enter the arena if you don’t enter the arena from the waiting area within 15 secs.

You can apply buffs to your fellow guild members in the waiting area and you can’t apply buffs from the waiting area to the players in the arena.

Waiting area is not affected by the AOE skills in the arena.

The area where you can enter the arena from the waiting area is divided into 4 zones.

Waiting area and the arena is a no-fly zone.

Jump Height related buffs are not applied in the arena.

You CANNOT change the participating members later after registering.


Basic Participation Method

1) Players who wish to participate in the PvP Tournament should create a guild. (If you wish to participate with your existing guild members please proceed with no.2. Your guild level needs to be at least Level 10)

2) Guild Master needs to apply via the event NPC before the matches begin.

3) During the match participation period, you can’t change or transfer the Guild Master rights.



- Dates: August 17 after maintenance to August 30 23: 59 (server time)


- Participation Method

You can only participate 1 time per day during the preliminary (Participation resets on  00:00 UTC)

Time slots to participate is happens only during the 2 fixed time slots

1st Time Slot: UTC 00:00

2nd Time Slot: UTC 13:00

If you don’t participate in the 1st time slot during that day you can participate in the 2nd Time Slot.


- Match Progression

1) Preliminary rounds are preceded by matching up with a random guild everyday.

2) Preliminary rounds can be entered on time for each time slot and 5 mins of entry waiting time is given and 10 mins of preparation time is given after both guilds enter the match.

3) Players who exit after entering the arena can’t rejoin.

4) The Preliminary points of each guild can be viewed from the event NPC in town.

5) You obtain points depending on the match results in the Preliminary rounds, and the points are earned as the following:

- If Preliminary rounds is won: Obtain 3 Points

- If Preliminary rounds is a draw: Obtain 1 Point

- If Preliminary rounds is lost: Obtain 0 Point

6) Top 64 guilds in terms of points in the preliminary rounds will move on to the Finals Tournament.

7) If the points are equal, the ranking will be decided by the following rules:

- If the points are the same, ranking is determined by Kill/Death scores.

- The guild with higher Kill scores will be considered a higher ranking guild.

- If the Kill scores are the same, the guild with the lower death count will be of higher ranking.

8) If the points, Kill scores, and Death scores are identical, ranking will be determined by a back-up match.

9) Back-up match will proceed as the following:

- Back-up match date will be on September 7th.

- Back-up Match will be a Free-for-all Match that all applicable guilds will take part.

- The last remaining guild that defeats all other guilds within the time limit will be the winner.

- Guilds other than the winning guild will have their ranking determined by the Kill/Death scores.


Details regarding the Finals Tournament will be announced at a later date.


- If you have participated at least 1 time, you will get a time-limited special FWC pet as a participation reward.


We look forward to your participation in our PvP Tournament!


Thank you.

Posted on August 17, 2023

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