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[FWC] PvE contest: The Colosseum

July 6, 2023

Dear Players, After the maintenance on July 6, 2023, the long-awaited PvE contest for FWC will open: The Colosseum! Please look below for the event details:

Starts: July 6, 2023 after maintenance
Ends: August 16, 2023 23:59 (server time)

For this event the rules are simple: defeat the boss monsters in the Colosseum in the shortest time possible. You will need to gather your Guild members to enter the Colosseum via the NPC [FWC Manager] Ava. Once you speak with the NPC, you'll see a new Dungeon menu with The Colosseum. To enter this dungeon, your guild needs to be at least Level 5 and your character level needs to be 61 or above. A maximum of 4 people from your Guild can enter the dungeon. You will need to defeat 5 bosses back-to-back within the time limit of 1 hour.

The Colosseum has the following rules:

1) Match Time: 60 mins after the first boss appears, automatically kicked out if the time limit is exceeded (There is a short initial set-up time to get you prepare)

2) Max Participation member : 4 Guild members

- Technically even below 4 members can still enter but the difficulty will not scale accordingly so be aware.

3) Ranking order: the faster clear time in a descending order

   - In a very rare occurance where the time is exactly the same, the guild that reached that rank first will have the higher ranking

 - Please note that only the highest rank placement will be considered for each player and team. If players have multiple rankings, the others will be ignored. A Guild may have several rank placements, but all participating players must be different in order to qualify for a prize. With this considered, the rank required to receive a prize may differ from the in-game ranking display as it may include multiple entries for the same players.

4) If you fail to clear the dungeon, you don't get registered in the ranking

5) Entry attempt resets on 00:00 server time 

6) All buffs will reset upon entering the dungeon to ensure fairness.

7)  If you die, the revive point (both Lodestar and Lodelight) is the entry point and there is no limit on revive amount. However, you will still loose EXP if you don't use Scroll of Resurrection.

The winners of the Colosseum will be announced within 5 working days after the event ends.


You will get the following rewards depending on your ranking:

※ Please note that the physical prizes can be changed due to the availability of the prize. If in the case of a prize is not available due to reasons such as the product being discontinued, we may provide a replacement product that matches in value. We thank you for your understanding.

Also even if you didn't made it into the ranking, you will still get the Special Mount in a time-limited version just by participating in the event.


Let the competition for the Colosseum begin!

Posted on July 6, 2023

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