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Developer’s Note (Flyff Universe v1.3 - New Horizon)

October 18, 2023

Hello Flyffers!

This is GM Shadow here, and today we’re pleased to announce that the new expansion, Flyff Universe - New Horizon - is near completion! Today I will be providing you with some sneak peeks of what is to come with this new version.


I’ll be covering an exciting aspect of the new update: the new areas to explore! Keep in mind that these are only sneak peeks, and do not represent all the new features or details that you’ll see in this expansion.


Please note that visuals and specifics are subject to change before release.


Coral Island


The Coral Island has remained a mysterious land, that for years was shrouded in a magical mist. Recently, someone or something caused the mist to rise, revealing Coral Island in all of its glory for the first time in years! Tucked away on the tropics of the island is a small village of inventive and inspired locals, who thrive on the activity and nature of the surrounding wildlife. Adventurers have been sent to Coral Island by the friendly Mayor of Darken City to seek out a lost friend, the adventurous blacksmith known as BoBu. Discover what secrets Coral Island hides in its murky waters, and uncover the strength of the Ultimate power!


The island will have many new monsters, quests, and areas to explore. Here are some looks at the beautiful locations you can expect to see:


As you can see, the island is expansive with lots of new areas to explore. From the swampy forest, sandy beaches, shallow waters, and the dark deep sea, there’s plenty of new activities and monsters to hunt.



The Wilds


The drums of The Wilds ring out across the Coral Islands, a call to action for the new adventurers breaching the island's shores for the first time. Dangers await those who dare enter the ancient Wilds dungeon, but treasure awaits those who conquer the perils inside!



Within the elemental totems holds the essence of a guardian of The Wilds. Destroy the totems, and prepare to take on the powerful creatures that awaken! Face off against the mighty Twinstrike Den Mother, whose spitting poison will stop a clumsy adventurer in their tracks. Defend against the onslaught of the powerful Tanuki Enforcer, whose expert swordsmanship may spell the end for those who come unprepared. Enter the Wildwood Encampment, fighting your way through Wildwood Stalkers until the Wildwood Shaman appears to cast its dangerous magics! And if you braved The Wilds up to this point, only the King of the Beasts remains.


You can enter the dungeon through a guarding NPC as usual, in the swampy area of Coral Island.


You might notice some of the new lighting features on the final screenshot, which we will talk more about at a later time!


That’s it for today, we will be delivering more updates soon. We hope you’re looking forward to the new update!


Thank you.

Posted on October 18, 2023

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