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Couple Ring from the Legend

June 17, 2024

Dear players,


After the maintenance on June 20 2024, a special event will be coming to Flyff!


Please look below for the event details:


Starts: June 20, 2024 after the maintenance

Ends: July 4, 2024 before the maintenance


During the event, players can get a daily mission quest from an event NPC “Defconn” which is located in every town. This mission can be received and completed only once per day.


Here are the details for the daily quest:


To complete the quest from Defconn, players have to collect the event item “Fake Couple Ring” by defeating monsters in the overworld.


Please note that the daily event quest is only available at level 20 and above. Also, Fake Couple Ring cannot be traded (soul-linked).


After you complete a daily quest, you can get 2x “Defconn's Reward Box” event item as a reward. Available reward items are partially different depending on the character level.


Here is the item list for “Defconn's Reward Box” (Below Level 80) :


Here is the item list for “Defconn's Reward Box” (Level 80 or above) :


The daily reset will occur at 00:00 (server time) and this will reset all details including the uncompleted quest.


Thank you.

Posted on June 20, 2024

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