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Costume Collection Event

August 31, 2023

Dear players,


After the maintenance on August 31st, 2023, a special event will be coming to collect costumes!


Please look below for the event details:


Starts: August 31, 2023 after the maintenance.

Ends: September 14, 2023 23:59 (server time)


During the event, you can register the costumes to obtain points in the Costume Collection sub-menu under the event menu.

In order to register the costume, please put the costume in the event menu and click on "submit" button. You can register the costume with the same name, regardless of what color costume it is and the costume parts don't have to be the same color to register.

When you register 1 costume set you get the specified amount of points for each costume set. If you complete the entire category, you'll get additional bonus points.


For which costumes you'll need please refer to the chart below:

Please note that the costumes in the "Event Costumes" category can be obtained in the simultaneous event "Like A Diamond in the Sky" and costumes with the same name but is not from this event will not be eligible.


The costume pieces you have registered already to the Costume Collection event WILL NOT be eligible to register in another Costume Collection event, and will have the text "Collection Effect ON", and this effect will not disappear even if you trade to another person and bounded to that item.


For the "Event Costumes" category, you will have had to equip the costume first in order to submit it to get points. You will not be able to submit for the collection if it is still has the "After First Use" status remaining.


By collecting the points in the Costume Collection event, you can get the following rewards:

Please note that you need to click on the "Claim" button in the Costume Collection sub-menu in order to receive the reward.


Hope you enjoy this event with ‘Like A Diamond in the Sky’ event!


Thank you.

Posted on August 31, 2023

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