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2022 Content Update RoadMap

July 8, 2022

Dear players,

We are excited to share our roadmap for the first expansion and future content plans for this summer! In the next few months you can expect to see some brand new Flyff content.

The major releases you can expect to see include:

- The return of Azria, now as a completely new free to access continent in Madrigal

- The return of Volkane Dungeon, as a completely new map - Graphical improvements that beautifully compliment the new areas

- A fully revamped raised pet system, where pets cannot be re-rolled or die

- A brand new harvesting and pet candy crafting system

- A raised maximum level and new equipment

- More!

Keep your eye out for sneak peeks and previews on Discord and social media over the next few weeks!

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Posted on July 8, 2022

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