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1 Year Anniversary Event

May 11, 2023

Dear players,

It has been a year since Flyff Universe opened it's first servers!

Happy Anniversary to everybody!

After the maintenance on May 11th, 2023, new events will take place in order to celebrate the 1 Year Anniversary of the game!

Please look below for the event details:


Starts: May 11, 2023 after the maintenance.

Ends: June 8, 2023 23:59 (server time)


There will be multiple events running at the same time, so please take special attention so you don't miss any of them!


EVENT 1: 1 Year Anniversary Buff Cake!

During the event, a special cake object will be placed in Flarine, Saint Morning, and Darken towns. You can receive special buffs by interacting with them!

EVENT 2: Special 1 Year Anniversary Attendance event!

During the event, you can receive the following items every day just by logging-in for at least 40 minutes! You will be able to obtain the following items each day:

Please note that all items are Soul-Linked and if you miss a day, you'll continue from the last reward you have received.


EVENT 3: Collect the Cake pieces!

During the event, monsters above level 20 will drop the event item "Cake Piece" by chance.

Once you have collected the "Cake Piece" item, you can exchange them for rewards at the event NPC "Birthday Baker" as the following:

EVENT 4: 1 Year Anniversary Pass Event

During the event, you can complete various missions to get rewards!

Mission 1. Hunt 200 monsters on PK Channel

Mission 2. Log in for more than 15 days during the event

Mission 3. Hunt 10 Giant or Violet monsters

Mission 4. Clear 10 Instanced Dungeons

Mission 5. Attempt gear upgrade or piercing 10 times

By completing each mission you will get the following rewards in order:

Please note that for hunting monsters, only monsters -10 levels or above from your current character will count towards the hunting.

Also if you purchase a special "Extended Anniversary Pass" for 700 fCoins in the item shop, you will get additional rewards:

Happy Anniversary to everybody!

Posted on May 11, 2023

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