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Spring Festival Event

April 13, 2023

Dear players,

After the maintenance on April 13, 2023, a lucky roulette event in celebration of Spring is coming to Flyff! 

Please look below for the event details:

Starts: April 13, 2023 after the maintenance.
Ends: April 27, 2023 23:59 (server time)

During the event, monsters above level 20 will drop the event item "Cherry Blossom" by chance.

If you collect 10 of those items, you will get a chance to spin the roulette once. 

You can do the roulette by using the Cherry Blossom item in your inventory.

This is what you can obtain from the roulette:

Only 1 Spring Yukata Costume Select Box is available for each server, and it will be gone from the roulette reward list if you win so please don't hesitate to roll the roulette to win this new fashion.

Also, if you don't obtain any Cherry Blossom Lunch Box, the chance of getting the Cherry Blossom Lunch Box will increase each time you roll the roulette. This chance increase will reset after you have received a Cherry Blossom Lunch Box and the chance increase doesn't affect the chance of winning the Spring Yukata Costume Select Box or Smelting Scroll Box prize.

You can also stack the effects from the effect box to extend the effect time but only the same effect will be able to be stacked.

Good luck to everybody!


Posted on April 13, 2023

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