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Server issue & FWC quick QnA

May 19, 2023

Dear Community,


We are currently aware of the server issues on the FWC server and Aries server and are striving to solve this issue as soon as possible.

Also, we have heard your questions and concerns about FWC and are preparing an FAQ that will address most of the common questions you might have targeted to be released early next week.

Please bear with us until then and here are some quick Q&A that we have gathered for the most asked questions for now.


Q1 : Is the new accessory and FWC equipment going to be transferred to main servers after the end of FWC, and if so will FWC be the only way to obtain them?

A1: The new accessory will be transferred to the main servers, and will also be obtainable on the main servers after the end of FWC. The armor and weapons will be transferred, but will not be obtainable on the main servers as there will be different sets in the coming expansion. More details about this system will come in our FAQ next week. 

Q2 : Is Penya going to be transferred to the main servers after the end of FWC?

A2 : No, in order to prevent conflict with the other server's economy, this will not be transferred.

Q3 : Are fCoins going to be transferred to the main servers after the end of FWC?

A3 : fCoins are an account wide shared value, you can use it on any server you want. 

Q4 : After FWC, does the character get transferred to the same account it's registered on, or can it be transferred to any account? And what if the account already has 8 characters (the max) on the main servers?

A4 : Your FWC character will be transferred only to another server within the same account (if you don't have a character on the desired server that is fine as well). If you have the maximum character of 8 on a server, you will need to delete the number of characters you wish to transfer accordingly for technicality reasons. If this situation changes upon a future feature update, we will update you on that matter.

Q5: What happens to people who have name conflicts (2 of the same name) when characters get transferred? Do the FWC characters get a free re-name scroll?

A5 : If in the case a naming overlaps, your character will get a random number assigned to it and will be provided with a free re-name scroll.


We hope this clarifies some of the important questions you might have had on FWC and we apologize for any confusion or inconveniences this may have caused our players.


Thank you for your understanding

Posted on May 19, 2023

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