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Game Version 1.2.5 Patch Notes

May 18, 2023


- Loot distribution should no longer have any scenario in which an item will not be lootable by any players. If a player who wins the roll leaves or disconnects, they will be mailed the item.

- Players should no longer be able to use Blinkpool or grab monsters through walls in the Secret Room.


Balance & Changes

- Blocked hits in PvP will now do 30% of their damage instead of 20%.

- Adjusted invisible walls in Siege map to prevent outside members using Circle Healing on members inside the arena.

- Adjusted 135 RM set so the 15 INT is added with 2/4 parts instead of 3/4 parts so you can mix and match sets like you can with the 105 set.

- Jester Skill Vital Stab: Damage multiplier increased from 1.5 to 1.6.

- Jester Skill Jesters Blast: STR scaling in PvP changed from 2.6 to 3.6.

- Jester Skill Hit of Penya: Base damage increased slightly.

- Elementor Skill Blizzard: Increased PvP probability from 40% to 100%, decreased the PvP stun timer from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds, and increased the PvP cooldown to 25 seconds from 15 seconds. PvE cooldown remains the same.

- Blade Skill Rending Entry: Increased PvE STR scaling to 5.1 and set PvP STR scaling to 2.6 and added a rooting debuff. Lasts 2 seconds in PvE and 1.5 seconds in PvP. 60% probability in PvE and 100% probability in PvP. Increased cooldown in PvP to 5 seconds

- Assist Skill Circle Healing: Reduced Range from 16 to 15.

- Billposter Skill Asalraalaikum: Reduced final damage by 15%.

- Plug Earrings Magic Defense values now match the Defense values, instead of half.

- Psychic Wall no longer requires a target.

- Rerolling a pet level will no longer overwrite your pet's current level if you roll a lower level. For example, if your pet's current level is 7 and you roll a 1, your pet's level will not change and you will be notified in a message.

- Attempting to swap stat pages while it is on cooldown will now tell you exactly how many seconds are remaining.

- You can now invite people to a party through the guild tab in the messenger window.

- Party skills such as Heal Rain now target the guild inside Secret Room, similar to Guild Siege.

- Loot distribution window will now advance to the next item or close after all players have made a decision.

- Glaphan cosmetics are now available.

- Added new balloon items to the Red Chip shop.

- Added Green Chips and a shop for them at the chip merchant, for new PvP rewards which are account linked.

    ● These rewards include statted masks and glasses, as well as gold pills.

- Secret room reward box Red Chips have been changed to Green Chips.

- Guild Siege reward distributions have been changed:

    ● All players in each guild that meets the minimum requirements receive a guaranteed 1000 Red Chips:

       totalPlayers = total number of players participating in siege.

       totalGuilds = total number of guilds participating in siege.

       totalGuildPlayers = total number of players in your guild participating in siege.

    Requirements: your guild must earn at least ⌈ totalPlayers / (totalGuilds * 2) ⌉ * ⌈ totalGuildPlayers / 2 ⌉ points, and at least ⌈ totalGuildPlayers / 4 ⌉ players in your guild must earn at least ⌊ totalPlayers / (totalGuilds * 2) ⌋ points.

    ●  Players in each participating guild will receive an amount of soul-linked Green Chips based on their guild's ranking as well as the total number of participating guilds.


Posted on May 18, 2023

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