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Game Version 1.1.3 Patch Notes

October 14, 2022

Game Version 1.1.3 Patch Notes

Dear players, these are the patch notes for the game version 1.1.3.

Guild Siege
-Level 60 Guild Siege was added for players who did not completed their second class change. Manage your application to the [Lv60 Guild Siege Manager] Olivia in Northern Flarine. Rewards are Blue Chips that can be traded to the [Chip Merchant] Waforu
-Level 80 Guild Siege was added for players who are level 80 and less.  Please note that deleveling does not work. Manage your application to the [Lv80 Guild Siege Manager] Atlas in Northern Flarine. Rewards are Blue Chips that can be traded to the [Chip Merchant] Waforu
-Items obtained from Blue Chips are Account-Linked
-Stat Pets cannot be summoned during the Level 60 and 80 Guild Sieges. Further adjustments will be made in case there's need of further balancing
-Reworked the Red Chips Merchant interface to display more items
-Obsidian Bloody Set parts can now be purchased individually to the Red Chips Merchant for 2,750 Red Chips
-Participating players will now receive their rewards even if they are offline at the end of the event
-Fixed an issue where only 8 guilds on 10 were displayed on the live ranking
-Changed the Guild Siege schedule on Burudeng (DE) and Genèse (FR) according to the players feedback and polls
-Guild Logos are now hidden during the Guild Siege fight
-Reduced the font size of announces in the Guild Siege arena
-Fixed incorrect guild amount shown in the Guild Participation window. Changed from "8" to "10" Guilds can join
-Magician skill Blinkpool can now be used inside the Guild Siege arena (but cannot be used to enter or escape the arena)
-However Blinkpool now has a cooldown of 15 seconds in PvP (Guild Siege, Arena, Duel, Guild Duel)
-Summary of Guild Siege events by server (Local Server Time):
 * Lawolf (SEA) - GS Saturday 9pm - Lv80 GS Sunday 9pm - Lv60 GS Wednesday 9pm
 * Mia (SEA) - GS Saturday 9pm - Lv80 GS Sunday 9pm - Lv60 GS Wednesday 9pm
 * Glaphan (SEA) - GS Saturday 9pm - Lv80 GS Sunday 9pm - Lv60 GS Sunday 7pm
 * Mushpoie (US) - GS Saturday 6pm - Lv80 GS Wednesday 9pm - Lv60 GS Wednesday 7pm
 * Totemia (EU) - GS Sunday 7pm - Lv80 GS Wednesday 9pm - Lv60 GS Wednesday 7pm
 * Burudeng (DE) - GS Sunday 8pm - Lv80 GS Wednesday 9pm - Lv60 GS Wednesday 7pm
 * Genèse (FR) - GS Wednesday 9pm - Lv80 GS Saturday 9pm - Lv60 GS Wednesday 7pm
 * Áries (BR) - GS Saturday 1pm - Lv80 GS Wednesday 5pm - Lv60 GS Saturday 7pm
 * Flarine (LT) - GS Saturday 9pm - Lv80 GS Sunday 5pm - Lv60 GS Sunday 7pm
 * リシス (JP) - GS Saturday 9pm - Lv80 GS Sunday 9pm - Lv60 GS Saturday 7pm

1v1 Disadvantage Towards AoE
We received many feedbacks regarding the disadvantage of players using a 1vs1 playstyle. It takes them more time to level up and loot items due to the ability of AoE players to kill more monsters at a time.

Thus we introduced a new mechanism to the game: low, regular and captain monsters level 30+ killed by at least 80% of damage inflicted from single target attacks and skills will have an increased experience and drop rate.

The experience and drop rate increase is currently 20% for monsters level 30 and increases gradually to reach 35% for monsters level 120+. This setting might be adjusted later according to feedbacks. 

Server Rankings
Character and Guild rankings are now available on the main website! You can filter by server, character name and class.
Character Ranking:
Guild Ranking:

-Increased Mercenary skill Special Hit STR scaling by 40%, as this is currently the only option to AoE as a Sword and Shield Knight. The damage fell off very hard in later levels due to its low STR scaling
-Increased Elementor skill Lightning Strike INT scaling to 5.7, to match the other single target spells
-Increased Meteo Shower INT scaling by 7% and increased cooldown from 15 seconds to 17 seconds, as this skill has no secondary effect and is purely a high burst damage skill
-Added Critical Damage -50% debuff to the Elementor skill Lightning Storm. Debuff lasts 15 seconds in PvE and 10 seconds in PvP. This debuff was added as a support debuff to lower critical damage of enemies who are attacking a face tanking AoE player. Also can be useful in PvP scenarios against auto attack classes
-Increased Circle Healing INT scaling by 10% to improve usefulness as it doesn't get used a lot due to its lower heal amount. Circle Healing has the highest range of all healing skills so can be useful in situations where you need to cover a large radius with healing
-Increased Block Penetration for Blade and Knight skills and added Block Penetration to other auto attack classes. This change was made to assist auto attack classes in PvP situations where players have maximum Block Rate. More changes will come later to resolve this issue
  *Increased Block Penetration from 10% to 15% on the Knight skill Rage
  *Reduced Incoming Damage from 15% to 10% on the Knight skill Rage
  *Increased Block Penetration from 15% to 20% on the Blade skill Berserk
  *Added Block Penetration 10% to the Jester skill Critical Swing
  *Added Block Penetration 10% to the Ranger skill Critical Shot
  *Added Block Penetration 10% to the Billposter skill Asmodeus
-Adjusted the base time of the Billposter skill Asmodeus to 30 minutes. This was just a quality of life change to make life easier for Billposters, as other classes main buffs last much longer than the previous buff timer of Asmodeus
-Increased the STR scaling of the mercenary skill Shield Bash by 12% to help with the damage falling off in later levels
-The Mercenary skill Shield bash now casts twice as fast as before. This change was to make the skill more useful, giving Sword and Shield Knights more options with skills as most skills aren't very useful for this playstyle
-The Jester skill Escape now casts twice as fast as before. We felt the animation was too slow before. This change was to make escaping Stuns / CCs a faster process
-Increased some 135 set defense values which were worse than their 120 set counterparts
-Added Casting Speed to Magic Tank sets and Attack Speed to Physical Tank sets. This change was to make the sets more useful. They don't give as much Casting Speed as the damage sets, but this change will help the classes feel less sluggish while wearing tank sets 
  *Added Casting Speed +10% on 105 Tank sets for magic classes, Attack Speed +10% on 105 Tank melee classes and added low amounts of Casting Speed to magic classes lower level tank sets
  *Added Casting Speed +15% on magic classes 120 Bloody sets & Attack Speed +15% on melee classes 120 Bloody sets

Bug Fixes
-Fixed an issue where non-gender items cannot transmute an item with gender
-Fixed the Magician skill Blinkpool which could be used to move while the player was rooted
-Fixed an issue where players who could spam the skills visual effects while using a monster trans buff
-Fixed the Meteonyker fire attack which could be avoided when the target uses Dark Illusion
-Fixed the inversed collision with the new trees
-Fixed some places where Giggle Boxes could get stuck
-Fixed the visual effects with the Kergnition two-handed axe
-Fixed high-level Ringmaster, Psykeeper and Elementor suits giving FP+5% instead of MP+5% as these classes don't use FP

Other Changes
-First class change quests are now all in Eastern Flarine because it was confusing for newcomers
-Combined Party Effects buff cannot be cancelled manually by players anymore
-Disabled the collision of Experience Boxes and Harvesting Plants
-Reduced the Penya price of items in the Cash Shop due to the Penya deflation following the Summer Update
-Updated all game translations
-Removed some useless consumables from the Daily Connection rewards and added low premium consumables to them
-Added aggressive spawns for regular Medumet in Azria since they were missing
-Increased the Healing effects of some items to help with the HP inflation since increasing the level cap, introducing more gear and the fact we now have the Raised Pet System
  *Increased Effective healing of the Red Pill from 35,500 to 40,000 and increased healing from 8,000 to 9,500 to
  *Increased Effective healing of the Gold Pill from 50,000 to 80,000
  *Increased Effective Healing for the food Gratin, Fruit Punch, Seafood Pizza, Meat Salad and Star Candy
-Added probability information to the Weapon & Armor stat scrolls descriptions
-Allowed players and guild names with Thai characters
-Merkaba Hanzelrusha can now inflict the stun from Stonehand
-Decreased HP values of the Forgotton Ghosts and Mammoths in Azria:
 * Ghost of the Forgotten Prince: 192,000
 * Ghost of the Forgotten King: 200,000
 * Ghost of the Forgotten Emperor: 208,000
 * Mammoth: 240,000
 * Cannibal Mammoth: 250,000
 * Ancient Mammoth: 265,000
-Cash Shop items can now be transferred through Guild Bank and Mailbox
-Pressing Enter during the last trade confirmation will not do anything

Posted on October 14, 2022

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