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Minor Fixes after 3/28 Maintenance

March 28, 2024

Dear players,


Here are the minor changes we have made after today's (March 28th) maintenance: 


Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue where Love Candy consumables could not be stored in the bank.

- Fixed an issue where Monster Cosmetics did not drop in Cursed instance dungeons.

- Fixed an issue where some chests spawned in The Wilds (Story) dungeon.

- Fixed an issue where a Guild Artifact could be placed under the ground in Darkon 3.

- Fixed an issue where the message was too big when a Guild Artifact is destroyed.

- Fixed an issue where only 1 Guild Artifact appeared per server.

- Fixed a visual issue with Housing floors and ceilings.


General Changes

- Added a Chat channel for Kalgas Assault team members.

- Players cannot enter anymore the opponent's spawn area during Kalgas Assault.

- Guild Artifact Battle will now last 30 minutes instead of 1 hour.

- Added numbers to differentiate similar Housing props.

- It is now possible to heal the Artifact during a Guild Artifact Battle.


Changes on the FR server (Genèse)

- Changed the schedule of Guild Siege Lv80 from Saturday 9pm to Saturday 4pm.

- Changed the schedule of Guild Artifact Battle from Saturday 4pm to Saturday 9pm (placement is 6 hours before).

Posted on March 28, 2024

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