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Minor Fixes after 6/4 Maintenance

June 4, 2024

Dear players,


Here are the minor changes we have made after today's (June 4th) maintenance: 


Bug Fixes

- Fixed a rare issue where a NPC sometimes appeared at a wrong position in the Navigator window.

- Fixed an issue where the Ultimate stats range did not display properly in the Exchange window.

- Fixed an issue where Kebaras could be accessed on non-PK channels.

- Fixed the issue where you could fall from a bridge in Azria.

- Fixed many floating objects in Madrigal.


General Changes

- Added new sounds to Saphyryan, Cavern Larva and Long Legs monsters.

- The quest Corrupted Hunter has been changed and will now ask to kill a new monster Lord Trangfoma (which has a fast respawn time) instead of the Giant Trangfoma.

Posted on June 4, 2024

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