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Hotfix for v1.3 (November 10 2023)

November 10, 2023

Dear Players,

We have prepared a hotfix to resolve some issues players were having with v1.3.0

Here are the list of fixes:

-Added a confirmation message and locker icon when the item or Ultimate Jewel obtained from Item Exchange will be Soul-Linked or Account-Linked
-Fixed level requirements of Blinkwing of Madrigal / Scroll of Return for players doing a master quest/hero quest
-Fixed camera rotation not working with the mouse wheel button
-Fixed upgrade window layout on mobile (horizontal)
-Fixed wrong upgrade probability displayed when using Low Scroll of SProtect
-Storm Peak (Nightmare) entrance is now limited to level 121~140.
These changes will be applied on all servers without maintenance by November 10 10:00 UTC+0. (It might get applied sooner depending on your server)

You can apply the changes by refreshing the browser you are currently playing the game with.


Thank you for you understanding.

Posted on November 10, 2023

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