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Rescue Private Leo!

July 20, 2023

Dear players,

After the maintenance on July 20, 2023, there's somebody trapped in the dungeons.

You must go and save Private Leo!


Please look below for the event details: 

Starts: July 20, 2023 after maintenance 

Ends: August  3, 2023 before maintenance

During the event, you can receive a daily quest from Instanced Dungeon entry NPCs at each entrance of the respective instanced dungeons. (Please note that the reset of this daily quest is the same as the dungeon entry reset time) Once you complete this daily quest you will receive quest item 5 "Rescue Certificate".

Once you receive this quest, you can enter the dungeon and start escorting the NPC Private Leo. Private Leo will start walking towards the end of the dungeon automatically after a while and can be attacked by monsters and he will attack back. All attacks to Private Leo will deal 1 damage. Also, Private Leo's HP will decrease over time by 1. The amount of total HP of Private Leo depends on the dungeon's difficulty.

Please refer to the list below:

Once you defeat the boss and reach the end of the dungeon, you can talk to Private Leo and you will receive additional "Rescue Certificate" depending on the remaining HP percentage of Private Leo. Please refer to the table below:

If Private Leo dies, the quest will fail and you will need to restart the daily quest once you can re-enter the instanced dungeon.

You can exchange the Rescue Certificate you've gathered with the event NPC "Noah" in the towns. You can exchange for the following rewards:

Please save poor Private Leo!

Posted on July 20, 2023

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