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Piercing Pass Event

August 9, 2023

Dear Players,


A special Piercing Pass event will be held to our players, so please check the below details:


Start: August 10, 2023 00:00 (UTC)

End: September 7, 2023 23:59 (UTC)


During the pass event, you can earn points by accomplishing each type of missions:

Here are the mission details:

Please note that for hunting monsters, only monsters -10 levels or above from your current character will count towards the hunting.


As you earn points from the missions, gaining 100 per points will increase your Pass Level.

By surpassing each Pass Level, you can earn special pass rewards:

Also, you can get additional rewards by purchasing a special “Extended Piercing Pass” for 1,700 fCoins in the item shop.

Please note that the Extended Piercing Pass is a separate pass compared to the original Battle Pass, so purchasing the Extended Piercing Pass will not provide the same benefits of Extended Battle Pass.


Among the rewards, you can earn new rewards such as "4% Card Select box" and "7% Card Select box".


Don’t miss this awesome pass for piercing!



Thank you.


Posted on August 9, 2023

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