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Game Version 1.2.6 Patch Notes

June 8, 2023

Dear players, these are the patch notes for the game version 1.2.6.


- Image titles no longer block the casting bar.

- Iblis Leanes has had an issue resolved that prevented the use of debuffs like Moonbeam and Holycross.

- Fixed an issue where Rending Entry did not have 100% probability in PvP.

- Fixed an issue where Rending Entry would root friendly players such as party members.


Balance & Changes

- The /pos command now includes your player angle.

- The magic resist on Penzeru has been increased to match the defense.

- Nightmist Empress drain healing has been reduced.

- Iblis Leanes’ special attacks now cast 20% slower.

- Added Darkon 3 and Azria to Town Blinkwing.

- Added Instanced Dungeon entrances to Blinkwing of Madrigal.

- Added a new Soul Link conversion system

  ▶ This feature will make stackable items (such as consumables, upgrade material, etc.) be converted to a Soul Linked status so different types of items of the same kind can be stackable. The feature can be used by right-clicking the item in your inventory. Please note that once you have converted the items, it will be irreversible so be careful what you convert.

- Added a new Card Reshuffle System

  ▶ This feature will make it so that you can convert 3 weapon piercing cards of the same grade to a random card of the same grade. You can use this feature by selecting the menu from the Card Master NPC. Please note that you will only get the card of the same grade and you will need all 3 cards to be of the same grade weapon piercing cards.


FWC Server Only

- Added a new time slot for Guild Sieges for Asian region players

  ● Normal GS: Wed 13:00 UTC

  ● Lv60 GS: Wed 11:00 UTC

  ● Lv80 GS: Thu 13:00 UTC

  ▶ As a result of this, rewards for the Guild Siege have been adjusted to be reduced by 25% to balance there being 2 guild sieges per week.

Posted on June 8, 2023

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