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Game Version 1.2.3 Patch Notes

April 27, 2023

Dear players, these are the patch notes for the game version 1.2.3.

● Fixes

-Fixed an issue where Amps could not be used during master quests.

-Fixed an issue with applying piercing cards on level reduced weapons.

-Fixed a Clockworks bug where players could make him fall into the pit.

-Fixed an issue with Clockworks' attack range in Easy and Medium modes.

-Fixed a bug that caused the Easy mode of Meteonyker & Red Meteonyker to do too much damage.

-Fixed an issue with the cartoon texture of Purple Yukata Male set.

-Fixed the dungeon card quests not being repeatable.

-Fixed a bug that caused incorrect quest text in some windows.

-Fixed an issue where the job icon in the message window would be positioned incorrectly.

-Fixed some quest dialogue texts.

-Fixed some item descriptions.

-Fixed a spot in Darkon City with missing water.

-Fixed a bug with the duration display of EXP Lock in the Item Duration window.

-Fixed a bug causing weird behavior with message length limits.


● Balance & Changes

-Added treasure chests to all instanced dungeons, which can contain Essential boxes, Element Attack boxes, Pill boxes, and Rainbow Cotton candies.

-Added safe zones outside all instanced dungeon entrances.

-You can now transmute visual cloaks (only with other visual cloaks).

-Added a blank visual cloak to the Saint Morning NPC Leann.

-Significantly raised cosmetic item drop rates from bosses.

-Other players can no longer pick up the quest item that drops if another's inventory is full.

-Added an option to disable captions inside the guild siege arena.

-Dungeon bosses should no longer reset their health once the tank dies, or any other scenario.

-Low Scroll of SProtect no longer uses the pity system.

-Added a new "Event" menu to the main menu to display the ongoing events.

Posted on April 27, 2023

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