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Game Version 1.1.1 Patch Notes

September 8, 2022

Game Version 1.1.1 Patch Notes

For your information, the updates have been moved to a bi-weekly schedule instead of weekly.

- Added a new Knight skill 'Call of Fury' available from Level 65. This AoE skill has only 1 level, deals low damage and will focus the monster's (and nearby monsters) attention on the player, useful for tanking in a party
- Once a Mineral Catcher has been killed it belongs to the last hit player for 15 seconds in order to prevent collect stealing
- Increased the drop rate of the item Ribenuum in the Dekane Mine
- Added the Blinkwing of Azria to all [Magic] shops
- Monsters spawned by harvesting will despawn after 1 minute if they are not attacked
- Slightly increased the selling price of refined Azria armor pieces
- Increased the drop rate of Lv.95+ common gear
- Party and Guild quests will now only teleport players who are within a 100 meter radius around the leader to prevent unexpected participants
- Added Scroll of Amplification ES80 (Lv.61~80)
- Added a 'Follow the selected target' motion, useful for mobile players
- Updated all game translations

- Increased Ringmaster HP Scaling by 5% and Defense scaling by 10% since they would really struggle with AoE and using their skills to their full potential
- Increased Merkaba Hanzelrusha damage by 30% and INT scaling by 5% as we felt the damage was slightly lacking
- Increased Moonbeam damage by 25% and Poison Cloud DoT damage by 100% to compensate the last version bug fix related to DoTs
- Decreased Hit of Penya base damage by 25% but increased STR scaling by 30%
    - The difference in the damage of Hit of Penya was minimal between a well geared Jester and the contrary. This change should also make achieveing better gear and more STR on a Jester more meaningful.
- Increased Stonehand stun chance in PvP from 4% to 6% at Lv.20. 
    - This change was based on player feedback, allowing Billposters a higher chance to stun their target in PvP, as it's their only stun source while most other classes have skills dedicated to stunning.
- Reduced Azria Giants Special Attack damage by 20% because they were too powerful
- Reduced Maximum Crisis Stun probability from 15% to 10% 
    - We felt Psykeeper has become good at too many play styles (Face tank AoE and Hit & Run AoE, without the need to change builds). This slight change should keep them more in line with the proper trade off between styles.
- Knight's Rage skill incoming damage reduced from 30% to 15%
    - After the addition of block penetration on Rage, we received more feedback that it was not enough to make the skill worth it, mainly because of the increased incoming damage.
- Changed Mythical Silver Stick Critical Resist +10% to Block +10% for more consistency with other Mythical Silver weapons
- Changed Bloody Obsidian Wand effect from Block +15% to incoming damage -8% for more consistency with other Bloody Obsidian weapons
- Redistributed some of the stat scaling on Griffins, Unicorns, and Dragons in order to minimize outliers and spikes between higher levels
  - Attack levels before: 5, 10, 20, 35, 75, 95, 130, 145, 225 | Now: 7, 13, 27, 47, 73, 95, 113, 165, 220
  - Defense levels before: 5, 7, 10, 25, 65, 88, 121, 183, 217 | Now: 6, 12, 24, 42, 66, 88, 102, 140, 198
  - Max HP levels before: 91, 182, 364, 637, 1001, 1456, 1813, 2539, 3094 | Now: 96, 191, 383, 670, 1053, 1356, 1628, 2539, 3161

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a graphical issue with autumn leaves falling which were not displayed, and were reducing client performance & generating errors
- Fixed an issue where the Red Meteonyker quest was not completed if the last hit player does not have the quest
- Fixed the Red Meteonyker attacks not always working
- Fixed the issue where players can avoid a Party Quest cooldown by leaving the party before the end of the fight
- Harvesting Plants now despawn after 30 minutes if they are not collected in order to fix the plants spawning on objects with collision
- Fixed the missing visual elemental effect on Papanew Staff, Venhill Staff, Dazzle Wand, Peny Wand, Eclipse Wand, and Saint Wand
- Fixed many places where the monsters get stuck in Azria
- Fixed the missing Sadge emote texture with the mobile theme
- Fixed Bloody Yo-Yo's wrong icon 
- Fixed several English texts, especially quest related texts

Posted on September 8, 2022

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