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Game Version 1.0.9 Patch Notes

July 26, 2022

Game Version 1.0.9 Patch Notes

- Reverted Jester defense change
- Legendary Golden Big Axe now gives 25% HP & Block +10%
- Reduced Block by 3% on Historic Big Axe. Now gives +7% Block
- Mythical Silver Bow attack now matches Legendary Golden Bow
- Increased Spirit Bomb INT scaling and increased the damage slightly
- Maximum Crisis now has a 15% chance to stun a surrounding enemy. Slightly reduced MP Cost of the skill
- Increased the Reflect Damage from 25% to 50% on the level 90 Geniun/Gynas Psykeeper Set
- Special Hit level requirement is now 30. The skill now hits all monsters around your target, instead of a line shaped radius extending from the player
- Reduced Darkon 3 Desert monsters enrage damage
- Reduced the Block Rate of players hit by a Giant or a Violet Monster

- Heal Rain will now cast on the user even when they are not in a party
- Increased the movement speed of the Spirit Bomb projectile
- Can only use 1 Scroll related to the player's speed at a time
- Added Interface Lock button on mobile
- State of the toggle button on the top on mobile is now saved when teleporting/relogging
- There is now a separate button to jump and start/stop flying on mobile
- Added confirmation window to the Card Upgrade window when no protection scroll is used
- Added "Last Seen" information to guild and messenger tooltips
- Increased the selling price of the Lvl 105 Very Rare Sets
- Changed the icon of the Scroll of Custody
- Target information will now always hide other player's HP and MP
- Reduced the time to loot items during a Party or Guild Quest to 5 minutes
- Updated all game translations

Bug Fixes
- Fixed the issue where the skill Power Stomp can be used with a Collector
- Power Swing will not push monsters belonging to other players
- Fixed an issue where the level difference penalty would not apply to the drop rate after the player disconnects or changes channel
- Fixed the issue where a player could stay inside the Iblis Temple Boss zone after the quest ended
- You can no longer transfer Guild Leadership to an offline player
- Fixed Octopus Yellow Hat Male using Female text
- Fixed some wrong dialog in the Reonan Questline
- Fixed the wrong flag of the Cloak of Poland

Other Changes
- Party and Guild Quests can also be done on Channel 2 on Lawolf, Mia, Glaphan, Totemia, Mushpoie and Burudeng

Posted on July 26, 2022

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