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Guide for changes after service migration

August 11, 2023

Dear Players,


First of all, we sincerely appreciate to many players who have shown great interest towards the service migration.


During this service migration period, Wemade Connect and Gala Lab have been trying to provide a more stable service comparing to the past.

Some new features have been added for better service, and we would like to guide you through certain points for future gameplay.


The main points we would like to guide you after the service migration are as follows:


(1) Revision of Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Following the service migration, the original Gala Lab Terms of Service and Privacy Policy has been revised to Wemade Connect's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


(2) Addition of membership withdrawal

A function has been added that allows players to directly proceed with membership withdrawal.

You can check this function in your profile on the homepage.

In case of membership withdrawal, all personal and game information of the account is deleted & recovery is not possible, so we highly recommend to carefully consider and make a decision when proceeding with membership withdrawal.


(3) Improvement of register process

A pre-confirmation step has been added when registering for Flyff Universe.

Please note that you must confirm and agree with the requirements of the pre-confirmation page in order to register.


(4) Refund guide

If you request a refund after a successful purchase, please make sure to proceed through the customer center.

If you proceed with a refund directly through the payment company without going through the customer center, you may be suspected of refund abuse and all responsibility lies with the player.


(5) In-game bot countermeasure

Wemade Connect and Gala Lab are fully aware of the negative effects of bots within the game. We are continuously taking actions on these bots and seeking improvement regarding countermeasures.

The developer team is working hard to come up with improvements that players will be satisfied with, and we will try our best to provide a better service as soon as possible.


(6) Event

A special event to celebrate service migration will be held soon.

We are working hard to provide better events to players, so we ask for your kind understanding and patience.


These are all the info for this time.

We will continue to do our best and meet our players through various news through the community.


Thank you.

Posted on August 11, 2023

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