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Developer’s Note 2 (Flyff Universe v1.3 - New Horizon)

November 2, 2023

Hello Flyffers!


This is GM Shadow back again with more updates on the new expansion: Flyff Universe - New Horizon.


Today we’ll be covering two exciting aspects of the expansion: Some new methods of powering up your character as well as the all new Rainbow Race! This is just a sneak peek so please keep in mind that things may change before the final patch notes!


Please note that visuals, specifics, and balance are subject to change before release.


Ultimate Equipment


Ultimate equipment naturally derives from regular, non-ultimate equipment. New Horizon will introduce both Ultimate weapons and Ultimate jewelry. While they have some similarities, they also have some key differences in the creation process. Ultimate equipment - regardless of the type of equipment, can only be upgraded up to +5. Unlike regular equipment, all Ultimate equipment uses Sunstones and Scrolls of XProtect in the upgrading process.




Ultimate weapons all come with special visual effects that signify their uniqueness.


While upgrading Ultimate weapons, failures will reduce the upgrade level by one, and there is a chance for great failures and great successes. A great failure or success will reduce or increase the upgrade level by 2, respectively. Importantly, the pity system is not implemented for Ultimate weapon upgrading due to the reduction in upgrade level on failure, similar to Low SProtect scrolls.


The new and improved upgrading interface, all consolidated into one window for ease of access and understanding.


Now let’s talk about the creation process for these weapons, as well as their bonuses. There are a few catalysts required to create an ultimate weapon:


- A weapon base that is eligible to be converted, noted in the item tooltip. The weapons being introduced in this expansion will be the only ones eligible for conversion: Lusaka’s, Lusaka’s Crystal, and Hernes’ weapons.

- The base weapon must be upgraded to +10.

- A number of Shining Oricalkums, obtainable from quests and Coral Island Giants.

- A number of Ultimate Orbs, obtainable from a repeatable quest to collect Ultima. Ultima drops from Coral Island Giants as well as treasure chests in the new dungeon, The Wilds.

- A penya amount.


Once you have the required catalysts, you can create your first Ultimate weapon! Converting a weapon into ultimate will preserve all its properties besides the upgrade level, such as piercings, element upgrade, etc.


An important difference between the new weapon bases and currently available weapons is that their stats are in between a range, not a fixed number. For example, a Lusaka’s Bow may have anywhere from 63% to 68% increased critical damage. This makes every single weapon unique, and really your own. These values can be rerolled using a scroll. Additionally, once a weapon is converted to Ultimate, it gains an additional two random stats (both the stat and its amount), with fairly low amounts (such as DEX + (2-10)). These stats and their values will also be available for rerolling using a scroll.



However, a second option to obtain new stats and values on an Ultimate weapon is to dismantle it (yes, another new system!), which will yield back the +9 regular version of the weapon, with new random values. You can then repeat the creation process for a chance at a different two random stats and values.




Now let’s talk about Ultimate jewelry. Upgrading behaves differently from Ultimate weapons due to their differences in the creation process. Failures while upgrading this jewelry does not reduce the level. There are no great failures or successes, and there is pity. This upgrading works this way to ensure that players can get maximum value from their existing upgraded jewelry. Since the upgrade level does not reduce on failed attempts, the success rate for upgrading Ultimate jewelry is lower than the success rate for upgrading Ultimate weapons.


Their creation process is very different from Ultimate weapons. Here is what you’ll need:


- Jewelry Dust, obtainable by dismantling existing jewelry pieces such as a Vigor Ring, or an FWC jewelry piece, such as a Warbringer’s Ring. The amount of Jewelry Dust you gain from dismantling a jewelry piece depends on its upgrade level, with higher upgrade levels yielding more dust, and a +20 piece giving a significant amount more than previous levels. Additionally, FWC pieces grant 30% more dust. The minimum upgrade level required to dismantle a jewelry piece into dust is +8.

- Cursed Jewelry Fragments, obtainable from various monster drops, as well as dismantling jewelry pieces (which will give you both the dust and the fragments). The minimum upgrade level required to dismantle a jewelry piece into fragments is +16.


Once you have enough of these two items, you can exchange them for an Ultimate jewelry piece at an NPC! The pieces available at this NPC include versions that are pre-upgraded, ranging from +0 to +3. The higher upgraded pieces cost more Jewelry Dust. The amount of Cursed Jewelry Fragments you will need is constant no matter what upgrade level the output piece is, and only differs depending on the type of piece (Ring, Earring, or Necklace). This means you can use the additional Jewelry Dust you gain from dismantling a +20 piece for a pre-upgraded Ultimate piece, or even towards multiple Ultimate pieces!



Importantly, a +0 Ultimate piece (both weapons and jewelry) has the same (or higher) base stats than a regular piece. This means that a +10 weapon will have less or the same base attack than a +0 Ultimate weapon, and a +20 jewelry piece will have the same or lower base stats than a +0 Ultimate piece. Ultimate jewelry also comes with set effects, similar to the ones the FWC jewelry had during the FWC (although they might differ in balance).


Rainbow Race


A very fun and exciting new game mode is coming to Flyff Universe with the New Horizon update, a new and improved Rainbow Race! This is a scheduled flying race where you can compete against other players on the Rainbow Track throughout Madrigal, pick up Rainbow Items and use them against others, and show off your flying moves!


The Rainbow Track, which starts in Flaris.


The race works on a point system. Flying through rings will grant you points, although some rings behave differently based on their appearance. Rings with just stars in them grant points as well as a Rainbow Item, which you can use on yourself or other players during the race, depending on the item. The following items will be available:


- Lightning Strike: Call a lightning strike upon the person ahead of you in points, slowing them down by 20% for 10 seconds.

- Guided Missile: Attack the current first place player, slowing them down by 25% for 10 seconds. This missile can be stacked up to 2 times.

- Net: Throw a net to the person right behind you in points, slowing them down by 20% for 10 seconds.

- Rainbow Barrier: Cast a barrier upon yourself that protects you from the next attack.

- Rainbow Flashbang: Flashbang the player behind you in points, covering their screen and slowing them down by 20% for 5 seconds.

- Rainbow Fuel: Increase your speed by 30% for 10 seconds.



Another type of ring is a boost ring, indicated by its smaller size and scrolling arrows. Flying through a boost ring will provide you with a 10 second long 30% speed boost. Note that during the rainbow race, all base flying speeds are slightly increased in general to make the race more exciting.



Once the race is over, you will be given a reward based on your final rank. Some of the rewards include exclusive flying mounts, titles, and more!


Thank you.

Posted on November 2, 2023

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