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Developer’s Note (New Update Content)

February 7, 2024

Hello Flyffers! 


Today we’d like to introduce two new exciting features coming to New Horizon. Housing and Kalgas Assault! Housing is separate from the usual grinding and farming, providing you with fun and a creative outlet! You can also face off the best of your PvP skills in the new massive melee, the Kalgas Assault.


Please note that visuals, specifics, and balance are subject to change before release. All screenshots have been taken from the development build of the game and may not reflect the final release version.




There’s two types of housing systems which share some similarities: Private Housing and Guild Housing. A house is a (typically empty) space for authorized players to enter and unleash your creativity, hang out with others, or show off some prized possessions. Players can purchase a wide variety of decorations and props to place around their house and make it their own. For private housing, there’s also several templates to choose from!


First, let’s mention some important notes about the overall system. There are two types of things you can place in a house:


  • Decoration Props…

       - do not have stats.

       - may be time limited, meaning that the prop disappears some time after placement.

       - may be limited in quantity, meaning that you only have a certain amount available to place, and need to buy more “pieces” to place more.

       - may have a limit on count, meaning that you can only place up to X amount of this prop in the house.

       - can be scaled.

       - can be rotated.

  • NPCs…

       - do have stats.

       - may be time limited, meaning that the NPC disappears some time after placement.

       - can only be placed once in a house.

       - can be rotated.


Another common aspect between all types of houses is the preset system. If you’d like to have multiple different looks in a house, perhaps depending on the season, or purely your vibes for that day, you can create different named presets that save the placement of your props and NPCs, and switch between them at any time. Note that presets are tied to the template/map, which is explained below. Players start off with a limited number of presets, which can be expanded upon using a scroll.


Now let’s begin with the Personal Housing specifics!


Personal Housing


You can choose from multiple available house templates as your personal space. These templates are not necessarily always a “house,” but more like differently themed spaces for you to get creative in and match your personal vibe! Of course, you can switch templates at any time. Here’s a look at some examples:


(Beach House Template, with some decorative props placed)


(Forest House Template, with no props placed)


(Snow House Template, with no props placed)


Templates come in different sizes, meaning that some templates are small, some are medium, and some are large, giving you lots of playing ground to design your dream world.


Of course, you can allow friends to visit your house and show off your masterpiece!



You will also have a special place where you can decorate the interior of a house and allow visitors to leave comments in your Guest Book!"


Guild Housing


Unlike personal housing, guild houses do not have multiple templates to choose from. In fact, guild houses are more like guild ships! This system includes an open world aspect, a Penya aspect, and a PvPvE aspect.


(A flying guild ship, owned by the guild WeLoveHomes)


That’s right, once your guild owns a “house,” it’ll be flying over Madrigal for everybody to see. There are a few important details to these ships:


  • There are a limited number of ships in each server.
  • All ships are displayed on the map, and indicate whether they are owned or not.
  • All ships have a manager NPC on them.
  • Anybody can fly up to a ship and speak to the manager NPC on it.
  • If the ship is owned, members of the guild that owns the ship can immediately teleport to it through the world map or the guild window.
  • If the ship is owned and the owning guild allows external visitors, anybody can enter the ship through the manager NPC on it.
  • If a ship is unowned, it will display “Vacant Ship” above it, and is available for bidding (explained below).
  • If a ship is owned, it will display the guild’s name and their logo, if there is one. It is not available for bidding, but will have an artifact placed every two weeks which allows other guilds to claim it (explained below).


(The “inside” of a guild ship, where authorized players can place props and NPCs)


Every ship has a two week execution period. This means that every two weeks, the scheduled event will take place, which may differ from ship to ship, depending on whether it is owned or unowned.


If a ship is unowned (which will be every ship at first, once the expansion is released), the scheduled event is a bidding decision. Unowned ships are available for bidding. By flying up to the ship and speaking to the manager NPC, players may view other bids on this specific ship, and place their own on behalf of the guild if they are an authorized guild member (setup through guild rank permissions). The bidding amount must be available in the guild bank, and it is taken out of there, not the player who places the bid. The new owner of the ship will be decided upon the scheduled event at the end of the two weeks.


If a ship is owned, the scheduled event is an artifact spawning. This is an important task for authorized members of the guild, as they need to choose an artifact position at some point before this event through the guild window. Placement of an artifact costs a certain amount of Penya, taken from the guild bank at the moment of spawning, not the player who selected the position. If an artifact does not spawn (that is, the guild did not set a position or did not have enough Penya in the bank), the owning guild loses ownership, and the ship becomes vacant and available for bidding over the next two weeks.


Once an artifact spawns, which is always on the PK channel, the owning guild must defend it from other guilds for a certain period of time. Members of other guilds will be able to see large circles on the world map indicating that an artifact is spawned within the circle’s region, but not an exact position. Once another guild finds your artifact, you must prevent them from destroying it by fighting them and defending the artifact!



  • If the artifact is defended:

       - The owning guild maintains ownership of the ship.

       - The owning guild receives 50% of the placement fee back.

       - The owning guild receives various rewards, including tokens for guild buffs (similar to the guild buff event).

  • If the artifact is destroyed:

       - The defeating guild receives ownership of the ship.

       - The defeating guild receives 25% of the placement fee that the previous guild paid.

       - The owning guild receives various rewards, including tokens for guild buffs.


Note that when the ownership of a ship is changed, all the props and NPCs are removed, and it is essentially a blank house. The new owners can immediately use their presets if they have any, though.



A new Realm vs. Realm Battle


The new PvP mode is finally here in the form of Kalgas Assault. This is a new Realm vs. Realm (RvR) type of PvP mode where two teams compete against each other in a massive battle!


Kalgas Assault


This is an RvR battle which occurs every week at a specific time, with a maximum of 200 participants. Players will fight a damage tug of war on Kalgas, with various mechanics present.


Participation and Entry


To participate and enter the game mode, players must speak with the NPC Kalgas Assault Manager in Central Flarine.


Upon entry, all players will gather in a waiting area until everyone has joined. Players will then be randomly assigned to either the White Team or the Black Team in preparation for the battle! A player’s team is indicated with an image title above the player’s head.


Once players are teleported to the team waiting area, a one minute preparation timer will begin ahead of the battle.



Battle Procedure


Kalgas, the main boss, will appear after some time inviting players to engage in a tug of war type of battle based on damage dealt. Each team starts out at 50% damage, and the value will update as the battle progresses.



Note: layout is subject to change prior to the release.




Around Kalgas, there are 5 artifacts which can be attacked by players of either team. Once a team defeats an artifact, they will gain a buff specific to that artifact which increases the damage dealt towards Kalgas. Note that all artifacts start in a neutral state, indicated by the color of the aura surrounding them.



The level of the artifact buff provided for a team depends on the number of artifacts they have conquered:



Note: The buff values are subject to change for balancing purposes.


While conquering artifacts to raise the overall damage of your team is important, an important aspect of this game mode is preventing other players from being able to reach their full damage potential! Teams may employ PK as a part of their strategy, stopping players of the opposing team from defeating artifacts or dealing continuous damage to Kalgas. As a player dies repeatedly, their respawn timer will increase with each death!


Note: You do not lose experience upon dying in the Kalgas Assault Arena.



This wraps up the basic introduction to Kalgas Assault, and we will continue to improve this piece of content as time goes on - we hope you enjoy it!


We will continue to strive to make a more enjoyable Flyff Universe that everybody can enjoy.


Thank you.

Posted on February 7, 2024

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