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2nd Anniversary Event

May 8, 2024

Dear players,


Happy anniversary to all Flyffers as the 2nd year has arrived for Flyff Universe!


To celebrate the anniversary, a special event will go on after the maintenance of May 9th, 2024.


Please look below for the event details:


Starts: May 9, 2024 after the maintenance

Ends: June 20, 2024 before the maintenance


Multiple events will be running at the same time, so please take special attention!


[EVENT 1: 2nd Anniversary Buff Cake]


During this event, a special cake object will be placed in Flarine, Saint Morning, and Darken towns. You can receive special buffs by interacting with them!


Here are the buff details:


[EVENT 2: 2nd Anniversary Attendance]


During this event, a daily attendance event will go on. For each day, daily login rewards will be provided after logging in the game for more than 40 minutes.


Here are the attendance event details:


You will be able to claim the rewards in the “Daily Connection” tab in the Events menu. After the initial 7 days, you will be able to receive the rewards 4 times more (so up to a total of 28 days in the Events menu). Please note that you will need to physically click on the “Claim” button to receive the reward and after the event ends you WILL NOT be able to claim the rewards. If you don’t log in for consecutive days, you will continue from your last reward day, and if you choose so you can claim all the rewards you have stacked thus far all at once.


[EVENT 3: 2nd Anniversary Roulette]


During this event, a special roulette will be available on the event tab. The first roulette will be free and after then, you can roll the roulette once for every hour! Please note that you must login and maintain access for 1 hour to roll the roulette. Also, the counts to roll the roulette cannot be stacked and you can check the remaining time for the next roll.


As you roll the roulette, you can randomly earn items including 4 special 2nd Anniversary items which are based on certain probability.


Here are the item details from the roulette:


Once you obtain the 2nd Anniv. Costume Box 1 time per character, the reward will be switched to 2nd Anniversary Lucky Box Ⅱ for below Lv.80, 2nd Anniversary Lucky Box Ⅰ for Lv.80 and above.


As you earn the 2nd Anniversary items, you can register the items to obtain points in the 2nd Anniversary sub-menu under the Events menu.


In order to register the items, please put the item in the event menu and click on "Claim" button. Each of the 4 items are required to make 1 set and once you have all 4 items on the event tab, you can get 10 points for each item set. As you gain points up to 200 max points, rewards can be achievable after you reach a certain point.


Here are the details regarding points and rewards:


By collecting the points in this event, you can get the following rewards:


Please note that you need to click on the "Claim" button in the 2nd Anniversary event sub-menu in order to receive the reward.


[EVENT 4: 2nd Anniversary Special Dungeon]


During this event, players with level 20 or above can enter a special time limited dungeon that can earn special rewards! This dungeon can be entered by the event NPC “Birthday Baker” which is located in each town.


The time limit is 15 minutes and you will be exited out after the time limit is expired. You can exit the dungeon by using a portal but cannot re-enter. The dungeon level will be automatically set based on the character level. This dungeon can only be entered once per day and the daily reset will occur at 00:00 (server time).


You can enter the dungeon only as a solo-player and the dungeon has 3 difficulty levels depending on your character level: Easy(Lv. 20 to 60), Medium(Lv. 61 to 100), Hard (Lv. 101 or above)


As you defeat the monsters within the dungeon, you can earn special rewards such as “[Event] Giggled Lucky Box”. The [Event] Giggle Box monster has a certain chance of dropping the [Event] Giggled Lucky Box item while the [Event] Violet Giggle Box monster has 100% chance of dropping the event item.


Here are the details of [Event] Giggled Lucky Box:


Please note that [Event] Giggled Lucky Box items will be removed after this event ends, so make sure to use all event items as possible.


[EVENT 5: Defend the 2nd Anniversary]


During this event, a special boss monster “Giant Kraken” will appear randomly in the hunting grounds.


Here are the details regarding the spawn:


The event boss monster has huge Max HP and every player can participate in the boss raid regardless of level. The event boss monster only takes damage 1 per hit regardless of level or skill damage and will only occur on Channel 2 on each server.


Once the boss monster is defeated, players will be available to earn “2nd Anniversary Token” and “2nd Anniversary Lucky Box”. Please note that 2nd Anniversary Lucky Box can be earned based on contribution via damage meter and will be paid out based on tiers of damage ranking. 2nd Anniversary Token will be provided to all players who participated in the boss raid.


Here are the item drop details after defeating the boss monster:


Here are the details of the 2nd Anniversary Lucky Box rewards:


As you gain 2nd Anniversary Tokens, you can use these tokens to earn guild buffs.


Here are the guild buff details:


Please note that using the 2nd Anniversary Tokens after reaching guild buff level 10 will have no additional benefits or effects.


If you are not in a guild or wondering about extra tokens, you can exchange the 2nd Anniversary Tokens to the Event NPCs.


Here are the token exchange details:


Enjoy the 2nd birthday of Flyff!


Thank you.

Posted on May 9, 2024

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